See Luis Fernando Muriel’s goal with Atalanta in the Italian Cup – International Soccer – Sports

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Intimacies of the scene that Tom Hanks filmed as a guest star in the 1883 series

If fans of Yellowstone were excited for the premiere (this Monday by Flow, for Paramount + customers) of 1883, the prequel to the Western series, that excitement increased when the news broke that this new series has an exceptional guest star: This is Tom Hanks, who appears in the second episode of the first season, … Read more

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and couples who had a busy year in love – People – Culture

Many of the most prominent stars had a very busy year not only in terms of work commitments, but also sentimental. Some people always do better than others. That is why below we bring a list of the celebrities that were arrowed and began a love relationship in 2021. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Many … Read more

It: the tribute to Tim Curry that you did not notice in the new trailer

The new trailer for It – 85% of us revived the terror of clowns that the miniseries That – 67% pushed in 1990. The new adaptation of the famous Stephen King novel promises to be much more attached to the original source than the one made for television. However, that does not mean that they … Read more

The ESA Successfully Drop Tested The Largest Parachute to Ever Go To Mars

The European Space Agency (ESA) completed the first successful high-altitude drop test of the ExoMars mission parachute, which will be the largest to ever fly on Mars, a press statement reveals. The first and second stage parachutes have now both flown this year, meaning the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover mission is on course to launch for … Read more

the truth about Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen may be remembered for his irresistible demeanor, for The seven magnificents e Hell in the tower, or because of its weakness for high-end cars. But behind these data, there was a very difficult personality and a history of violent acts that were confirmed after his death. To begin with, his childhood was not … Read more

The VLT Observatory spotted a particular pair of supermassive black holes

The pair of supermassive black holes in the galaxy NGC 7727 in the constellation of Aquarius is about 89 million light-years from Earth. It may seem far away, but on a cosmic scale it is not – especially as this result quite significantly beats the existing record for the closest arrangement of such objects to … Read more

Tim Curry, the Pennywise clown who recovers from a stroke | News from Mexico

With the recent release of the film “It: Chapter 2” by Argentine director Andy Muschietti, many fans of the clown created by Stephen King cannot forget the fear they experienced with the first adaptation of this novel. In the 1990 “It” miniseries, Timothy James, better known as Tim Curry, was the first actor to play … Read more

A tiny black hole “caught” in a star cluster outside the Milky Way

The newly found black hole was identified in the NGC 1850 cluster, composed of thousands of stars and almost 160,000 light-years away from the solar system (located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy adjacent to the Milky Way). “We are looking at every single star in this cluster […]by trying to find evidence for … Read more

On Netflix, Jason Bateman, Nicole Kidman and one more film than for Ozark fans

I always comment that when you sit down to look for what to see in NetflixIt is good to dive before clicking on the options that the platform offers us in advance. Calm anxiety and decide how to go to the video store. Go through different shelves and choose. This is how I got to … Read more