Quebec wants to tax the unvaccinated, described as a “burden” for the health system

Quebec will introduce a tax for adults who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 without medical reason, Quebec Prime Minister François Legault announced on Tuesday January 11. The government of the French-speaking province of Canada, hard hit by the Omicron wave, wants this “health contribution” represents a “significant amount” – still under discussion. According to … Read more

Tax returns: Tax offices are faster in the pandemic

business Tax returns Germany’s tax offices have become faster in the pandemic Stand: 10:44 a.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes There are more than 500 tax offices in Germany: The range of processing times is large Quelle: picture alliance / SULUPRESS.DE Berlin is the front runner in the processing of tax returns. In the back … Read more

Child Tax Credit: Watch out for a letter about child credit, you may owe money to the IRS if you are in any of these scenarios | Univision Money News

This letter, which carries the number 6419, explains two important facts: the total amount that the taxpayer received in 2021 in advance payments of this credit, that is, on checks sent every month between July and December of last year, and the number of eligible children used to calculate those payments. Let us remember that … Read more

Child Tax Credit: How Manchin’s Rejection of Biden’s Social Plan Thrown the Extension of Child Credit | Univision Money News

The package Build Back Better by Biden plans to pay $ 3,000 or $ 3,600 next year for each child eligible for the child credit. Typically, that tax credit was $ 2,000. But that amount was increased so that households could better face the economic blow of the covid-19 pandemic. There is another important change … Read more

La Spezia, the Municipality agrees with the trade associations for the use of the tourist tax

The operating agreement “destination of tourist tax” is underway. The document was signed by the Mayor of La Spezia Pierluigi Peracchini, Davide Mazzola, President of CNA, Paolo Figoli, President of Confartigianato, Alessandro Ravecca, President of Confesercenti, Gianfranco Bianchi, President of Confcommercio and Mario Gerini, President of Confindustria. It is an agreement aimed at regulate and … Read more

Child Tax Credit: What Happens Next Year to Up to $ 3,600 in Child Tax Credit Approved by the Pandemic | Univision Money News

About 27 million children in low-income families – and even in households that earn nothing. risk running out of some or all of the child credit money next year if the Senate does not approve President Joe Biden’s social plan, experts have warned. The Child Tax Credit —or Child Tax Credit— It was improved only … Read more

DIRECT. G20 leaders approve tax reform that plans to tax multinationals at least 15%

Find here all of our live # G20 3:07 p.m. : The French and Indonesian presidents will work together to “a real strategic partnership” in the Indo-Pacific. This was announced by the Elysee Palace on the occasion of a meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Joko Widowo which took place on the sidelines of the G20 … Read more

In China, the plan to introduce a property tax resurfaces

Mega real estate complex under construction at Evergrande, in Jurong (China), on October 19, 2021. RAUL ARIANO FOR “THE WORLD” The property tax project in China is a sea serpent: presented for twenty years as a solution to the many ills from which the real estate sector suffers, it has so far never been implemented. … Read more