In a New York Minute’s Celia Au and Ludi Lin Talk Filming Romance Drama

Our interview is a reunion of sorts for actors Celia Au (Wu Assassins) and Ludi Lin (Mortal Kombat). Although they both star in Ximan “Mandy” Li’s In a New York Minute, Au and Lin really only share one scene together. Set in New York, the romance drama follows the intersecting storylines of three different Asian-American … Read more

People Rather Talk to an Avatar Than a Real Person, Study Says

If you find it too daunting to open up with a therapist, new research shows that you are not alone, and you may soon have a new option. The Edith Cowan University (ECU) study found that 30 percent of people prefer to talk about negative experiences with a virtual reality (VR) avatar, rather than a … Read more

This 16-year-old is what people in soccer Germany talk about

tz Sport FC Bayern Created: January 10th, 2022, 8:06 am From: Alexander Kaindl divide FC Bayern Munich has two new professionals: Paul Wanner and Lucas Copado made their Bundesliga debut against Gladbach. Munich – No, it shouldn’t be. And somehow you could already guess: The corona virus hit FC Bayern with full force, so nine … Read more

Milan-Rome, Mourinho: ‘Let’s not talk about false matches’

The Portuguese: “There are rules”. On the Giallorossi no vax: “I don’t think we’ll have any problems.” And on the Rossoneri: “The tactics? I’m not saying it, Pioli listens to us “. Re-enter Rui Patricio The match against Milan tomorrow, the Covid emergency, the no-vax in the group, the transfer market: there are many issues … Read more

‘Swan Song’ star Mahershala Ali, director talk sci-fi drama

Follow us wherever you get your podcasts: Live from AFI Fest, “Swan Song” director Benjamin Cleary and actor Mahershala Ali discuss the heartbreaking inspiration for the film, the challenges of shooting during a pandemic, and improvising scenes with Naomie Harris. Plus, Ali shares why every role — from a commercial to … Read more

Let Them All Talk shows us the impeccable (and unpleasant) lyrics of Meryl Streep – Spoiler Time

Definitely, Meryl Streep it’s great. Able to take on ANY role assigned to her and chameleonically become the character, this wonderful woman from 72 years will never cease to amaze us. Let Them All Talk is a delicious comedy of 92 minutes focusing on the veteran novelist Alice Hughes (Streep), who travels on a cruise … Read more

Hollywood actors Russell Crowe and Caren Pistorius talk new film ‘Unhinged’

LOS ANGELES: In any other year, “Unhinged” would have passed by with little notice, an enjoyable popcorn flick rounding off the summer season after the blockbuster movies had come and gone. But this year, the road rage thriller has found itself in the fast lane with everyone paying attention. Back in May, “Unhinged” promised to … Read more