Winter in Switzerland winks at the young target, between safety and sustainability

New and different initiatives aimed at winning back a young and Italian audience in particular “considering that also for this winter season – and perhaps even beyond – long-range tourism continues to be canceled out by the pandemic”. Christina Glaeser, director of Switzerland Tourism in Italy, thus introduces initiatives and innovations that will characterize the … Read more

Stadium 974: Qatar’s plans for a climate-neutral World Cup | Sport | DW

The stadium in Montreal, built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, was once affectionately known as “The Big O”. Today in the Canadian metropolis people speak of the “Big Owe” – over 30 years, 264 million Canadian dollars have flowed into the complex construction and maintenance of the stadium with the extravagant roof structure. And the … Read more

Food and wine, experience and sustainability at the heart of the new Costa Cruises product

New excursion formats and new f & b concepts for Costa Cruises. The company took advantage of the long months of lockdown and reduced activity to reimagine its offer in light of the most recent changes in demand. All in the wake of a sustainable and responsible product project announced last July with the presentation … Read more

Portugal marries sustainability with the Rout-e project

Luis Araujo The Portugal Tourism Board joins Full Fixtures to begin its sustainability promotion process with the Rout-e project, an initiative that aims to strengthen Portugal’s position as a sustainable tourist destination in accordance with the objectives of the Strategy Tourism 2027 and Tourism + Sustainability Plan 2023. The Rout-e Project consists in the realization … Read more

The Melting Point, the docu-film tells the effects of climate change

With Lorenzo Alesi, Alice Linari and Paolo Prosperi from the Apennines to Mont Blanc to discover how the climate is changing the mountain, an open-air gym for millions of sportsmen It’s called “The Melting Point” and it is a documentary film in which, the protagonists Lorenzo Alesi (professional skier and ski instructor) and Alice Linari … Read more

Egypt takes the road of restart, between security and sustainability

The opportunity for a sustainable future – which, however, must begin now -, the one offered byecotourism, all passing from an indispensable investment in safety, for citizens and tourists. L’Egypt moves from the stage of the WTM in London with these priority very clear, after the reopening to international tourism since last July. The number … Read more

Jessica Alba leads a sustainable life and leaves 4 recommendations to follow her

Jessica Alba is one of the most committed women in life sustainable. So do other of her colleagues, like Gwyneth Paltrow. In this note, you will see four tips that the former Dark Angel puts into practice in her daily routine to take care of the planet a little more. Alba created in 2011 the … Read more

Olivia Wilde, her path to sexy sustainability and liberation

Olivia WildePhoto: Guy Aroch / Courtesy of True Botanicals What are your most appreciated activities for free time and how do you make room for them? Hiking, swimming, reading, meditation, bathing, tranquility, the opportunity to be in silence. I also consider exercise to be a ritual for me. It is impossible to do all of … Read more

World Climate Summit in Glasgow: Preventing the Disaster

Good morning, dear reader, we know that from ourselves: We like to postpone uncomfortable duties into the future. The tax return has to be made? Ah, right, I’ll do it next weekend. Does the cellar urgently need an organizing hand? Yes, it will be your turn in the next vacation. The fence is rotting in … Read more

Costa Edutainment awarded by Confindustria Romagna for its attention to sustainability

Confindustria Romagna assigns the Excelsa2021 award to the Costa Edutainment group for the commitment on the sustainability front. The Association has been promoting the Excelsa – Romagna Award since 2011, initiative created to give visibility to excellent companies and highlight the ultimate goal of doing business: to generate collective and widespread well-being. For 2021 Confindustria … Read more