Omicron wave causes disruption and supply disruptions in Australia

Health workers perform Covid-19 PCR testing at St Vincent’s Clinic in Bondi Beach, Sydney on January 1, 2022. BIANCA DE MARCHI / AP Discovering that the toilet paper department has been robbed, as in the early hours of the pandemic, Michael Mason, a retiree who does his shopping in a Sydney supermarket in early January, … Read more

the government asks professionals to strengthen the supply of tests

Carrying out of an antigen test, in Paris, on January 6, 2022. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Between the explosion in the number of Covid-19 cases linked to the circulation of the Omicron variant and the choice to systematically test, the balance is difficult to find. While the government is considering a possible evolution, in the … Read more

French production slowed down by supply problems

By Juliette Garnier Posted today at 1:40 am, updated at 10:45 am Reserved for our subscribers ReportageLockdowns and curfews have prompted consumers to purchase slippers. Sales jumped 11% in 2020, reaching 392 million euros. Christian Coculet takes care of the final stage in the manufacture of Charentaise. The one his colleagues nickname “Kiki” is perched … Read more

Defense Business Brief: CEOs on supply chain, vax mandates; F-35 engine funds?; Aerojet merger delay; and more…

Two things were made abundantly clear by the CEOs of the largest U.S. defense firms as they reported third-quarter earnings this week: Supply chain issues are getting worse, and not a single company will meet the Dec. 8 deadline to have all employees vaccinated (or receive a medical or religious accommodation). “As we look specifically at … Read more

Imbalance in supply and demand – Heated global market drives prices up

Meat processor Vion already indicated in July that supply and demand are also out of balance in our country. The slaughterhouse mainly pointed to the limited supply of animals. This is due to the number of entrepreneurs in Dutch livestock farming who have stopped. However, the slaughterhouse did not dare to make any predictions about … Read more

US Search for 80,000 Truck Drivers to Fix Supply Chain Problem | Univision News United States

Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Association told CNN that, to help fix supply chain problems that have plagued the United States, it takes around 80,000 truck drivers. It’s about a 30% increase in workers already needed before the pandemic, when a labor shortage of 61,500 drivers began to emerge. Spears pointed … Read more

Four keys that explain the paralysis in the supply chain and how it affects you

By Kevin Ketels – The Conversation If you walk into any store in America these days, you are likely to see row upon row of empty shelves. The shortage of virtually every type of product, from toilet paper and athletic shoes, to trucks and chicken, is seen across the country. Looking for a book, a … Read more

Global Supply Chain Disruption Visible From NASA Satellites

October 10, 2021 The pandemic has disrupted global supply chains and markets in ways that have led to backlogs of cargo ships at key ports. Booming demand for consumer and goods, labor shortages, bad weather, and an array of COVID-related supply chain snarls are contributing to backlogs of cargo ships at ports around the world. … Read more

Economic crisis in Lebanon: power supply collapses – economy

The economic crisis in Lebanon is getting worse! Now even the power supply from state providers has completely collapsed. The two largest power plants still running had ceased operations on Friday and Saturday due to a lack of fuel, the state electricity authority EDL announced. The power outage is expected to last several days, said … Read more

The store’s D system to cope with supply difficulties

In front of an Ikea store, in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), January 13, 2021. LOIC VENANCE / AFP “Every day, the teams from our logistics department look at container by container what is going to be loaded or not. “ At the headquarters of the Pylones network of stores specializing in decorative objects to offer, Jacques Guillemet, … Read more