And where are the black superheroes?

The discussions about representation culture of black people, particularly with reference to visual media, generally revolves around the focus on its negative character. Such a story representation It would amount to a very effective illustration of racism in action, from oppression, through exoticization and marginalization, to invisibility. Communication psychologists and academics have long asserted that … Read more

Mads Mikkelsen could be one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes

The race of Mads Mikkelsen has emerged impressively since participating in Casino Royale, where he played the villain Le Chiffre. Curiously, it was the Bond film that opened the door to a project that we would never have imagined: The Fantastic Four de Marvel y 20th Century Fox. In an interview with Vulture, the Danish … Read more

The Boys: showrunner wanted Helen Mirren to be the voice of The Deep’s gills

Without a doubt, The Boys – 95% is one of the most successful superhero series in recent years, all thanks to its satirical cut that its mockery of multi-million dollar franchises with the help of a hint of gory violence. Two seasons have been enough to transform The Boys in a media phenomenon commented on … Read more

global warming and good feelings for Marvel superheroes

Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) facing a Deviant in “The Eternals”, by Chloé Zhao. MARVEL STUDIOS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – MUST SEE She was first approached to realize Black Widow (released in July), film finally entrusted to the Australian Cate Shortland. Postponed. Marvel wanted to work with Chloe Zhao, who herself dreamed of it. The … Read more

5 Non X-Men Marvel Superheroes Wolverine Needs To Team Up With In The MCU

The multiverse is officially a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and pretty soon, there could be more Marvel heroes than we can shake a stick at. Fans already know Marvel Studios intends to bring the X-Men in at some point, which means Wolverine is heading back to Marvel cinema. Things will be different this … Read more

Is borrowing superheroes from failed movies really a good idea, Marvel? | Superhero movies

One can only imagine the high level of miff that must be floating around the X-Mansion given the news that Marvel Studios is to welcome Deadpool, umpteen Spider-Men and most of the Sinister Six into its burgeoning cinematic multiverse. Where is the glistening, 1,000gsm party invite that the likes of James McAvoy (Professor X Jr) … Read more

Met Gala Red Carpet Celebs Become Superheroes and Villains in BossLogic Art

Artist BossLogic turns Lil Nas X, Grimes, Kim Kardashian, Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lopez into superheroes and villains for the Met Gala. While fans were tuning into the Met Gala to see fashion statements, artist BossLogic was busy turning celebrities on the red carpet into superheroes and villains. The first celebrity to get a BossLogic makeover was … Read more

10 comic book movies that aren’t superheroes

Superman’s debut in 1938, at No. 1 on Action Comics , is the origin of the superhero genre. More than two decades later, the Marvel Revolution of the 1960s established superheroes as the dominant genre of American comics, outpacing competitors such as horror, science fiction and romance comics. Since most comics are about superheroes, most … Read more