the Superbonus reaches 80% for hotels. Allocated 500 million euros

Bernabò Bocca expressed the satisfaction of the hoteliers for the new decree The decree implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) dedicated specifically to the tourism-hospitality sector was finally approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers. There are at stake € 2.4 billion in appropriation, with an estimated financial leverage that can be activated … Read more

Superbonus, strong increases also on professional fees

The super bonus is not just a question of materials. Indeed, the role of professionals is central, also considering the rather high number of necessary skills: engineers, architects, surveyors, industrial experts, geologists can be called upon to design the intervention, individually or collectively. This aspect has its weight in the overall budget of superbonus operations, … Read more

Ecobonus and Superbonus 110% for VMC AVE systems

The installation of VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) systems can benefit from the tax deductions of the Superbonus 110% and the Ecobonus*. ENEA confirms the possibility of returning the installation of VMC systems within the tax deductions related toEcobonus (and therefore al Superbonus 110%). As can be seen from faq 16.D published by the Agency on … Read more