Halle Berry Fuels Rumors of Storm Return With New Hairstyle

Halle Berry turned up at the Critics Choice Awards, rocking a new look that has ignited speculations of her return as the Marvel superhero, Storm. Berry played the character in the original X-Men trilogy and 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Fans hoped for Berry’s return as Storm after the film, but Alexandra Shipp was … Read more

NASA’s InSight Mars lander hunkering down in Red Planet dust storm

One of NASA’s Mars robots is in safe mode to save power while a dust storm blocks its solar panels from charging. The InSight lander, which is designed to study the interior of Mars, is stable in its safe mode, which the spacecraft initiated on Jan. 7, the agency said in a mission status update … Read more

City of Houston Under Watch for Severe Tornado and Storm This Saturday | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

HOUSTON, Texas. – The National Meteorological Service issued several warnings and watches for tornado and severe storms for some counties in the city of Houston Saturday afternoon. Strong winds and hail rains were recorded in some areas. “The passage of the storm continues,” says the chief of meteorology of Univision 45, Gaston Heredia. “This Saturday … Read more

Tour: Foehn storm blows away Bergiselspringen – sport.ORF.at

“It was a phase when the wind was calmer and we saw an opportunity. Now it’s unbelievable again, but that’s our sport, ”explained race director Sandro Pertile in an interview with ORF. “Now we have to use Plan B. The plan for tomorrow is new training and a new qualification. Unfortunately, it is difficult to … Read more

Oscars: There’s a Gathering Storm for Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin in “Respect” as Voters Catch Up

Home Movies Oscars: There’s a Gathering Storm for Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin in… For months now we’ve been told told told by Oscar prognosticators that Kristin Stewart was in the lead for “Spencer.” It’s been hammered home over and over. I have no problem with Stewart getting a … Read more

“There’s a perfect storm” for hotel worker shortages

En statements to Lusa, the chairman of the ADHP board begins by recalling that “for several years” they have been warning about this issue that has recently returned to the media agenda — “accelerated because of the pandemic” — and points out the reasons for the problem . “This discovery that seems to have been … Read more

I’d Love Halle Berry in Marvel Movies, but Not as Storm

As the multiverse is opening up within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many wonder how/if their favorite characters from non-MCU Marvel franchises will return and embed themselves in the larger film universe. Aside from maybe the Fantastic Four, the most discussed is the X-Men. The mutants (including the word itself) previously being under the ownership of … Read more

Solar Storm: NASA Warns of Disturbance Likely Due to ‘Swirling Sun Debris’ Heading Towards Earth

NASA has warned about the potential impacts of “swirling Sun debris” created by a solar storm likely to hit the Earth by December 11. The agency said a coronal mass ejection (CME) of plasma and magnetic field escaped the Sun earlier this week and is expected to possibly strike by Saturday. Astronomers and space scientists … Read more

Sylvester Stallone said his ‘Q’ hat and ‘storm’ reference were ‘unequivocally’ about a yacht after QAnon supporters flocked to his Instagram post

Sylvester Stallone denied that a hat he wrote in an Instagram post was a reference to the baseless far-right conspiracy theory QAnon.Rachel Luna/WireImage/Getty Images Sylvester Stallone appeared to respond to claims that his Instagram post referenced QAnon. QAnon fans celebrated Stallone after he posted a hat with a “Q” and a caption about “the Storm.” … Read more

Barra Depression Will Cause Week of Storms in Mainland Portugal

Alfredo Grace 8 hours ago 6 min The Barra depression will not directly affect mainland Portugal. Even so, it will produce indirect effects that require a lot of attention. Where will the weather be most adverse in these next few days? The fronts that grazed the Continent in recent days are already there, far away … Read more