steak and chips of discord

Teheiura, in April 2021. A.ISSOCK By participating this year in the program “Koh-Lanta, The legend” (TF1), Teheiura, emblematic adventurer, was probably not thinking of landing on the island of temptation. The temptation, in this case, was not an enterprising vahiné, but a steak and fries, cooked vegetables and fruits which were delivered to him in … Read more

HOLD Printable steak, insect protein, fungus among NASA space food idea winners

A 3D-printed steak, which could provide food for astronauts on long missions, is cooked by Aleph Farms in February. Photo courtesy of Aleph Farms ORLANDO, Fla. Oct. 22 (UPI) – NASA has chosen 18 companies to continue developing space food that astronauts could eat on long-term, Deep Space missions to Mars or other planets, such … Read more

No, Gordon, that’s not how you make a steak. 5 places to taste the authentic ones – International

Gordon Ramsay made mistakes in Portuguese recipes again. After a breakfast supposedly typical in Portugal, made with eggs and black pork instead of being, for example, a simple coffee with pastel de nata in a Portuguese patisserie, the chef recreated a recipe of ours, this time a bifana. Problem: what is said to be “a … Read more

Stem cells, bioreactors and 3D printers, at the dawn of the test-tube steak

By Lucas Minisini and Clothilde Mraffko Posted today at 5:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThe meat of tomorrow (4/4). This summer, “M Le magazine du Monde” tells about a food revolution. Last episode in laboratories, especially in Israel, where sci-fi steaks are grown from animal cells. With in their sights the promise of meat … Read more