Michelle Williams: “I suffer for the victims of the tyranny of Kevin Spacey” | People

More information 10 years ago Michelle Williams was little more than Heath Ledger’s ex. The woman who fell in love with the Australian interpreter on the set of on forbidden land (2005) and gave birth to his only daughter, Matilda. Little Ledger is now 12 years old and almost as tall as her mother, although … Read more

Richard Dreyfuss’ son accuses Kevin Spacey of stalking him when he was 18

Another man has joined the growing list of alleged victims of Kevin Spacey. Harry, the son of the award-winning actor Oscar Richard Dreyfuss, explained his unpleasant encounter with the actor from House of Cards. He was initially enchanted by Spacey, but was later finally shocked when the actor groped for him. Harry Dreyfuss has explained … Read more

Kevin Spacey will have to pay 31 million dollars for the losses of the series ‘House of Cards’

Published: 23 nov 2021 05:26 GMT Spacey’s lawyers argued that the actor’s actions were not a substantial factor in the show’s losses. Actor Kevin Spacey will have to pay the MRC studio of the American television series ‘House of Cards’ more than 30 million dollars due to the losses caused by your termination for sexual … Read more

“I do not approve of deleting it from the movies”: Judi Dench defends Kevin Spacey in the face of the sexual abuse scandal

Drafting BBC News World 26 september 2018 Image source, Getty Images/Reuters Caption, Judi Dench said Spacey “is and was the most wonderful actor.” British actress Judi Dench made a controversial defense of her “good friend” Kevin Spacey by criticizing his removal from the movie “All the Money in the World.” The feature film was already … Read more

Kevin Spacey: all the complaints against him and the current legal situation | Spoiler

Kevin Spacey He is one of the great film and television actors, but in recent years his career has been completely stained after complaints of sexual abuse that appeared in the last time. In 2017 the first arrived, and because of that he was disaffected from the series House of Cards, from Netflix. A week … Read more