SpaceX Dragon, Spacewalk Preps Amidst Space Botany and Biology Research on Space Station

The station is pictured from the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour during a fly around that took place on November 8, 2021. Credit: NASA The International Space Station is gearing up for the departure of a U.S. resupply ship and a Russian spacewalk next week. Meanwhile, the Expedition 66 crew is maintaining its pace of research … Read more

A NASA astronaut who took part in the first all-female spacewalk describes what it was like wearing an oversized 1970s spacesuit in zero gravity

Astronaut Jessica Meir.Photo by Andrei ShelepinTASS via Getty Images Astronaut Dr Jessica Meir described the challenges of wearing a spacesuit from the 1970s in 2019. It’s “incredibly cumbersome,” and “pressurized,” she told Insider in an exclusive interview. She said balancing and moving around in an oversized spacesuit was particularly difficult. Wearing a spacesuit in zero … Read more

Astronaut medical issue forces NASA to call off spacewalk at space station

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei on a spacewalk outside the International Space Station in 2017. (Image credit: Randy Bresnik/NASA/Twitter) NASA has called off plans for a spacewalk outside the International Space Station this week due a medical issue with one of the astronauts due to join the excursion, agency officials said Monday (Aug. 23). A … Read more

Hitting the Books: Buck Rogers flew so that NASA astronauts could spacewalk

You’ve all seen the iconic picture of the US astronaut riding gracefully upon his NASA-built MODOK chair. That astronaut was Bruce McCandless II, Houston’s capsule communicator during the moon landing mission, Challenger crew member, and the driving force behind America’s ability to conduct operations outside of the stuffy confines of space shuttles and international stations. … Read more

Wow! NASA photographer spots space station crossing the sun during spacewalk (video)

A NASA photographer captured an amazing sight Friday (June 25) when the International Space Station crossed the sun while two astronauts were spacewalking outside. In a series of photos, NASA photographer Joel Kowsky captured the station’s solar transit, as the event is called, as astronauts Thomas Pesquet of the European Space Agency and Shane Kimbrough … Read more

What does it take to do a spacewalk? Skill, courage, and being able to wear a men’s size medium

On June 25, astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet successfully completed an almost seven-hour EVA (extravehicular activity, or spacewalk) to install solar panels on the International Space Station. What does it take to don a spacesuit and venture out on such a technical and dangerous mission? Surprisingly, one of the main criteria (besides the years … Read more

Chinese astronauts make first spacewalk outside new station

Two astronauts on Sunday made the first spacewalk outside China’s new orbital station to set up cameras and other equipment using a 15-meter-long (50-foot-long) robotic arm. Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo were shown by state TV climbing out of the airlock as Earth rolled past below them. The third crew member, commander Nie Haisheng, stayed … Read more