The key flight of the VSS Unity rocket plane. Richard Branson’s important day [TRANSMISJA]

The moment announced for July 11 this year is approaching. a ceremonial demonstration of the passenger flight to be performed by the Virgin Galactic sub-orbital system – SpaceShipTwo, carried into the air by the WhiteKnightTwo double-hull aircraft. During the mission Unity 22, the rocket plane with the designation VSS Unity will take on board – … Read more

Richard Branson: Mainly earlier than Jeff Bezos in space

Richard Branson already knows how he will react after the VSS Unity missile plane lands. As “Astronaut 001” he will hug his children and grandchildren and have a big grin on his face, says the British billionaire. If everything goes according to plan, the entrepreneur wants to symbolically usher in the era of commercial space … Read more

Branson in front of Bezos? Virgin Galactic’s July flight with the owner on board

Branson is to be present on board the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft (designated VSS Unity) for its special “Unity 22” manned flight. The mission will be the twenty-second overall VSS Unity test flight and the fourth Virgin Galactic manned space flight, nevertheless bIt will also be the first to include a full crew of two pilots and … Read more