Sound ArtMusic and Sounds in Mobile Apps and Devices

With the trend of increasingly intense use of mobile phones and tablets, there are many options to enjoy music or themes associated with sound in apps, or even varieties of entertainment that inspire listening to a sound. In addition to the already popular streaming, other features are found in apps such as audio storage, playlist … Read more

Omikron: “Sudden increase” in the number of corona cases – RKI sounds the alarm

fromTobias Utz shut down Katja Thorwarth shut down The Omikron variant of the coronavirus is on the rise in Germany and its neighboring countries. The RKI is now giving data on this – the situation in the news ticker. The omicron variant * of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. Research into the … Read more

NASA Releases Ghostly Sounds Recorded at Ganymede by The Juno Probe

In another context, Jupiter’s moon Ganymede might have been a planet. As the largest moon in our Solar System, it’s one of the most intriguing locations in the neighborhood. Which is great, because it just so happens that Jupiter probe Juno is in the vicinity. Now, it’s sent back some curious noises. On 7 June 2021, … Read more

the vocal sounds of Monica Bellucci to honor Fellini’s Diva

Max Casacci signed the soundtrack of The girl in the fountain, the documentary on the extraordinary life of Anita Ekberg. Protagonist of the biopic, directed by Antongiulio Panizzi, is Monica Bellucci, which, through her gaze, lets us enter the life of the Diva de The sweet life. The main track Anita is now available in … Read more

Tokyo Olympics 2021: The Jackie Chan impersonator who dreams of a gold in Tokyo

Adriana Cerezo. At just 17 years old, taekwondo Adriana Cerezo is one of the youngest members of the Olympic team but she does not lack ambition Everything in Adriana Cerezo (Madrid, 2003) exudes power and optimism. It is a whirlwind capable of winning the European Championship and getting a 13 in the selectivity almost at … Read more

Perseverance’s first month on Mars has yielded new sights and sounds

By Leah Crane The Perseverance rover’s tracks during its 4 March drive on Mars NASA/JPL-Caltech Since NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars on 18 February, it has been doing as much science as it can during the testing phase of its scientific instruments. That has involved driving short distances and taking pictures of the rocks … Read more

The Sounds of Mars: Hear the Wind and Crunch of Rover Wheels on the Red Planet

Two microphones aboard the Perseverance Rover have recorded “alien” sounds on Mars – the sounds of a human-made spacecraft crunching its wheels on the Red Planet’s surface, or its motors whirring, or blasts from its scientific laser instrument. Perseverance’s microphones have also captured the sounds of another spacecraft – the Ingenuity helicopter – taking flight. … Read more

Hear sounds captured from Mars by NASA’s Perseverance rover

This illustration of NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover indicates the placement of the spacecraft’s two microphones. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Thanks to two microphones aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover, the mission has recorded nearly five hours of Martian wind gusts, rover wheels crunching over gravel, and motors whirring as the spacecraft moves its arm. These sounds allow scientists and … Read more

Saxony’s country boss sounds the alarm: Germany threatens a new lockdown – domestic politics

We never really wanted that again … the Infection numbers in Germany are increasing (7-day incidence at 169.3, 37 120 newly infected people in one day) and the situation in hospitals is worsening (see graphic below). Now there is the first warning of a new lockdown! Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer warns that without quick … Read more

Hear the sounds of Mars with NASA’s interactive tool : NPR

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover took this image of the surface of Mars on Jun. 15, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU hide caption toggle caption NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover took this image of the surface of Mars on Jun. 15, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU If you hear one new thing today, how about making it the sound of wind on … Read more