Cruz Azul’s coaching staff is upset with TUDN

Curiosities The TUDN broadcast of the match between Cruz Azul and Tijuana, last weekend, showed Juan Reynoso’s slate of notes and tactics for long seconds. For Geraldine Molina 11/01/2022 – 12:51hs CDT 11/01/2022 – 12:51hs CDT © Image 7Reynoso and Cruz Azul’s annoyance with TUDN Cruz Azul defeated Xolos de Tijuana 2-0 last Saturday, January … Read more

Carmen Villalobos dazzled with her perfect figure said goodbye to 2021

Carmen villalobos, has shown his great talent for acting in various strips of Latin American television. She also conquered everyone with her interpretation in the novel “Without Se … there is no Paradise” where he played the role of Catalina Santana. This great interaction made his fame grow by leaps and bounds. For his part, … Read more

Chayanne’s hobby that is making him earn more money

Since he started his career in the world of music, Chayanne He did not stop surprising each of his fans. The interpreter showed great versatility when facing projects. In this way, he composed songs that completely conquered Latin Americans. In addition to having a great talent for music, he also surprised with his movements when … Read more

Mel Brooks turns 95 trying his luck on social networks

Absolute legend of comedy in United States, Mel Brooks He turned June 28, 95 years old after having lost his inseparable friend Carl Reiner in 2020 and having reached an unexpected echo on social networks with some viral videos. Printed version As the no less iconic Betty White, Mel Brooks He is one of those … Read more

Meet Will Parfitt, Channing Tatum’s doppelganger who sweeps as a tiktoker | TikTok | social networks | instagram | model | Magic Mike | MISCELLANY

Updated on 09/19/2021 12:54 pm TikTok has become the most famous social network in the world since the COVID-19 pandemic. This platform has made dozens of people known who, with their dances, has captivated more than one users. This is the case of Will Parfitt, Channing Tatum’s double. LOOK: Twins did not want to fight … Read more

Shakira is a trend for showing off her matchless beauty in this photograph

Shakira is one of the most beloved artists and with the longest artistic career in the world of music, that is why each of her milestones is a celebration for her millions of fans. A day ago he wrote on his Instagram account: “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of #LaundryService tomorrow, the extended version of … Read more

Lily Collins surprised her fans with a resounding and shocking makeover

The great artists of the world of acting tend to constantly modify their physical appearances and not precisely because of personal wishes, but rather because of the demands presented by the characters they are about to interpret, whether in audiovisual projects for the big screen or for the girl or streaming platforms. However, their resounding … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy was surprised to confess that her physical appearance seems strange and causes her rejection

He managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers by playing the main character of the hit series Lady’s gambit. However, her roles had been stealing sighs and applause for some time, and now all designers, producers and colleagues want her around on every red carpet. To who? To the award-winning Anya Taylor-Joy. But … Read more

Why I decided to delete social media with my daughter’s 2 million followers – Vogue

+ Nina and Fernanda Kanner (Photo: Reproduction) I have three children — Nicholas 16 years old, Nina 14 years old and Tom 11 years old — and I’ve always educated in a very individualized way. They are completely different. A scolding that would break the heart of one, would be completely beaten by another. There’s … Read more

Influencer Leonie Hanne on digital fashion shows and corona hobbies

It should be cozy: Leonie Hanne in the new Marc Cain collection Quelle: Alexander Galievsky AOn the phone, Leonie Hanne sounds deeply relaxed. A few hours earlier, the fashion influencer posted a photo of herself walking in Hamburg on Instagram. She has lived there for a few months with her boyfriend, the photographer Alexander Galievsky. … Read more