I was afraid that I would send the balloon to the tenth row, Kuchta commented on the winning stop

Slavic joy after Jan Kuchta’s goal against Haifa. Michaela Říhová, ČTK “I am very happy for the victory because we have taken an important step towards advancing from the group. The three points carry a huge weight. If we had unlocked the match in Haifa in the same way, we could easily have won or … Read more

Slavia loses to the leader, but is the favorite in the hit against Pilsen

Tomáš Hořava from Viktoria Plzeň and Petr Ševčík from Slavia Prague. Vlastimil Vacek, Right The league is waiting for an attractive Sunday. Two matches are being played, which are already being discussed by the whole republic. First, the irreconcilable rivals Baník Ostrava will present themselves against Sparta Prague in the afternoon, and in the early … Read more

Shouldn’t the Slavist Get the Pile straight red? Did the newcomer make the right decision among the league judges?

Slavia footballers rejoice in a single goal in a duel with Olomouc Vít Šimánek, ČTK Julínek paid for his moderation and the yellow card for Dočkal, with whom he remained on the VAR notice, by limiting the delegation to four matches and relegating to the second league. The newcomer among the league referees Ladislav Szikszay … Read more

Orosil got up when the organizers with stretchers ran to Hromad, but then the Slavist coach was relieved

From left: Jakub Hromada from Slavia and Imad Rondič from Liberec. Kateřina Šulová, ČTK “Fortunately, it shouldn’t be a more serious injury,” the coach of the championship team was relieved to hear the doctors’ first diagnosis after Hromada had to change forcibly after 64 minutes. The fact that he didn’t need a stretcher in the … Read more

Slavia surprised! The best shooter in its history becomes the new sports manager

He never hid his Slavic heart. With red and white he won the championship thirteen years ago, and most importantly he is the best scorer in club history with 212 goals. Five months ago, the former excellent forward Jaroslav Bednář said goodbye to his playing career in Slavia, but he will continue to work in … Read more

The premiere in the derby fighter, praised by a legend from Chelsea, became bitter

Teh keeper Slavie Aleš Mandous scores a goal. Vít Šimánek, ČTK “The whole time I saw the balloon after Haraslin’s shot and I went for it. But as Schranz wanted to stretch out in the wall to help me, the ball flowed exactly into the counter movement. I didn’t reach him anymore, “lamented over the … Read more

The German press praised Slavia: It was compiled for the Champions League, it showed a passionate performance

We were helped by substituting players, evaluates Jindřich Trpišovský. He also deserved praise for Ousa Sport.cz, SK Slavia Prague “The first match in the newly created competition was undoubtedly a big event for Železná (nickname of the Berlin team). The only thing that failed at this festival was the result. Slavia beat them 3: 1 … Read more

Pekhart returns to Eden, where he grew up. In the colors of the Legion with which he wants to eliminate Slavia from the European League

Czech striker Tomáš Pekhart celebrates his goal with teammates from the Warsaw Legion. Twitter @LegionisciCom Unlike Slavia, which has made its way to the quarterfinals twice in the last three years, the Polish champion has long been absent from the European Cup scene. “It’s because there are big changes in the Legion in the Legion … Read more

Slavia’s opponent for the European League Legia? Explosions with outsiders, but also warnings

Tomas Pekharta in the jersey of the Warsaw Legion Profimedia.cz Two years ago, the Prague Slavia played the last famous Champions League, when the company made it to Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Dortmund. Her opponent on Thursday received a similar privilege in 2016, when he said goodbye to the group stage coincidentally with a wild … Read more

Even with the infirmary, Slavia has to manage the qualification. With the Legion, it will be about millions, but mainly about reputation

Tomáš Holeš and Slavia Praha goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář after the elimination with Ferencváros. Vlastimil Vacek, Right “We would need another month to heal the injuries and get the player in optimal shape,” lamented coach Jindřich Trpišovský, although it is clear to him that he will not help with the longing and he simply has to … Read more