EXCLUSIVE : LEGION Season 2 Scoop: Shining The Spotlight On Navid Negahban

Navid Negahban Versatility is a key element of being a working actor in Hollywood and those who embrace it see their careers flourish as a result. Having appeared in a variety of TV shows, from HOMELAND to 24 and then from MISTRESSES to THE CATCH, as well starring as numerous and just as varied film … Read more

Dreamy cowboys Frankie & The Deadbeats debut with distinctive album “The Shining”

Punk and potters, it’s hard to imagine more different subcultures. And yet, at least in our country, the first became a surprising source for others. At present, modern alternative country in the Czech Republic is played by people who came from a wilder mushroom. This is no different with the debut of “The Shining” party … Read more

The death of Abimael Guzman, founder of the Peruvian Maoist guerrilla Shining Path

Abimael Guzman, at Callao High Security Prison, Peru, November 5, 2004. MARIANA BAZO / REUTERS Its name is synonymous with terror in Peru. The founder of the Shining Path Maoist guerrilla, Abimael Guzman, instigator of the armed struggle in 1980, died on Saturday September 11, at the age of 86, in his cell in Callao … Read more

In Peru, the fate of the body of Abimael Guzman, founder of the Shining Path, raises questions

“No more terrorism”, it is written on the banner, during a demonstration celebrating the death of the founder of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, at 86 years old, on Saturday September 11, 2021, in Lima. MARTIN MEJIA / AP What to do with the body of terrorist Abimael Guzman, who died in prison of bilateral … Read more

‘The Empire Strikes Back’, ‘The Shining’ and 10 other films that turn 40 in 2020

The “I am your father” from ‘Episode V’ of ‘Star Wars’, the terrifying Hotel Overlook, the comedy ‘Land as you can’ … We present a list of films that turn four decades this year. 1. ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ + Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Backa by Irvin Kershner and The glow … Read more