The Squid Game: Who is MrBeast, the youtuber who invested 3.5 million dollars to recreate the Squid Game in real life | Netflix series | FAME

There is no doubt that “The Squid Game”Caused a sensation around the world from the first day of its premiere on the Netflix platform. His followers ‘went crazy’ with the South Korean bet and in some countries they were so amazed that they wanted to imitate and make reality surpass fiction. This is the case … Read more

The best televisions to play with your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on sale for Black Friday 2021

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‘From Scratch’ Zoe Saldana Netflix Limited Series: What We Know So Far

Netflix is asserting itself as the main teller of stories based on true lived experiences of real people and the upcoming limited series called From Scratch is another example of that. Based on Tembi Locke’s best-selling memoir and starring Zoe Saldana, From Scratch will tell the story of a woman who experiences love, death of … Read more

‘Princess Swap 3’, ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’ and other movies and series where you can also see Vanessa Hudgens

This year, Vanessa Hudgens has been very active, as we can see her in ‘Princess Swap 3’ and ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’. However, now we will review other good productions in which the actress has appeared. Over 10 years ago we met Vanessa Hudgens as a musical film star with High School Musical, where she … Read more

Jeremy Renner Discusses His Future With Marvel After Hawkeye Series

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye is finally here and many fans believe the series will end with Clint Barton passing the mantle to Kate Bishop. Jeremy Renner has opened up about his future with the MCU after the upcoming Hawkeye series, sharing that he doesn’t know what will come next. Hawkeye focuses on Clint post-blip in New … Read more

Macaulay Culkin’s role in American Horror Story revealed

Star+ More than twenty years after Richie RichPerhaps the last mainstream movie he made, Macaulay Culkin is ready to return to the front pages. We tell you everything that is known about his role in American Horror Story. By Federico Fame 03/09/2021 – 15:13hs UTC 03/09/2021 – 15:13hs UTC © Star+Macaulay Culkin is ready to … Read more

‘How I Met Your Father’: The changes that the series will have with Hilary Duff unlike ‘How I Met Your Mother’ – Noticias de series

Hulu is about to present its version of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which has several specific changes that make it “more up to date” compared to the original version. We will tell you what are the main changes of ‘How I met your father’. In early 2022, Hilary Duff will bring us an updated … Read more

Series: Review of “The Director – Season 1”, by Amanda Peet and Annie Wyman (Netflix)

Netflix is ​​not characterized by having many series like THE DIRECTOR. For a platform applied more than anything to more “high impact” titles that seek a global audience, this is a small, almost local product, more like an indie Sundance film than a massive title of those expected seasons and seasons. There are, yes, a … Read more

Christopher Guest prepares a series of furries for Netflix

Best in Show (translated in Spain as Very Important Dogs, don’t ask me why) was part of the illustrious series of mockumentaries conceived by Christopher Guest, who continued as director in the 90s the fantastic formula in which he participated in 1984 with the wonderful mockumentary rock This is Spinal Tap, directed by Rob Reiner … Read more

‘Percy Jackson’ will now be a series and fans are asking for this role for Logan Lerman

Percy Jackson’s novels were made into two films produced by 20th Century Fox that did not have the expected success at the time in which ‘Harry Potter’ triumphed worldwide. But now it seems that Disney Plus wants to retake this franchise and give it a new life by turning it into a series for the … Read more