Media: Israeli government will block Hungarian takeover of the national satellite company

Citing high representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, journalists, among others such newspapers as Haaretz and Times of Israel wrote about state reservations regarding the finalized acquisition of Spacecom Satellite Communications Ltd. by the Hungarian entity 4iG. As they indicated, the fact that the Hungarian counterparty obtains a majority stake in the satellite operator … Read more

National importance, commercial access. President of EXATEL on investment in a satellite teleport [Space24 TV]

“This teleport is open to all customers – both public and commercial. Any company that operates […] in a broader scope, both global and continental, it can use satellite communication as a safe communication, but also redundant communication in relation to traditional fiber-optic communication “- assured the president of EXATEL SA, Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski, in … Read more

Polish communication nano-system for the use of rockets and satellites. The SUBCOM project is about to start

Thorium Space is developing the SUBCOM solution in a consortium with Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation. The aim of the partnership is the development and dissemination of communication and navigation systems for space and rocket applications. The culmination of the work is to place a mini-constellation of three satellites in the standard cubesat equipped with … Read more

Beginning of July ’21 with OneWeb. Competitor SpaceX is keeping pace with the construction of the super constellation

Despite last year’s serious financial problems, the British satellite company OneWeb continues to chase SpaceX in building its own telecommunications superconstellation, maintaining a monthly launch interval. Another such successful flight was carried out at the beginning of July this year. with the involvement of Arianespace and Roscosmos, placing the eighth set of 36 identical satellites … Read more