this is the new face of Mickey Rourke after another cosmetic surgery

The Hollywood actor gave an interview to a British program and was surprised by the shocking change in his face. The reaction on social media In an interview for British television, Mickey Rourke surprised everyone by the deterioration of his face: he underwent many surgeries and looks like another person. The Hollywood actor, Mickey Rourke, … Read more

A coffee with Mickey Rourke

In ’93 I had to travel to Hamburg for one of the most beautiful things I did in this profession. I went to cover a world championship fight between a boxer from Santa Fe, from Rafaela, Néstor “Tito” Giovannini, who was fighting for the cruiserweight title with German Markus Bott. It was very nice for … Read more

Mickey Rourke, unrecognizable, after his latest aesthetic disaster

The actor has been undergoing cosmetic surgery for years. Actor Mickey Rourke in a 2016 photo before his last aesthetic touch-up. RACHID BELLAK / BESTIMAGE / Bestimages 15/04/2019 18:32Updated 03/29/2020 11:09 AM Mickey Rourke is part of that group of stars of Hollywood to those who plastic surgery instead of improve their faces and help … Read more

The unrecognizable appearance of actor Mickey Rourke after years of cosmetic surgeries | TV and Show

The actor Mickey Rourke, who in the 80s was considered a sex symbol after participating in films such as The street law (1983), began experimenting with botox in the 1990s. After achieving fame, the protagonist of New weeks and a half He became obsessed with cosmetic surgeries, which have made him look unrecognizable. This is … Read more

To parrot the monumental anger of Mickey Rourke with Robert De Niro and his threats

It does not seem that very friends are going to leave here. For several months, a strange climate has been flying over the relationship between Mickey Rourke Y Robert De Niro. The protagonist of The fighter he blew it up in an interview for Italian television. And, according to Rourke himself, he was not in … Read more

Mickey Rourke threatens Robert De Niro: “When I see you, I swear to God and my grandmother …”

Mickey Rourke is angry. And you don’t want to upset ‘The Fighter’. Unless you’re Robert De Niro, of course, in which case I suppose you’re not afraid of anything. Although Rourke disagrees, he has called the ‘Wild Bull’ actor “Mr. Tough Guy in Movies” on a recent Instagram post accusing you of calling you a … Read more

Mickey Rourke rekindles his confrontation with Robert De Niro 33 years later on social networks

It is well known for more than three decades in Hollywood that the relationship between Mickey Rourke Y Robert De Niro She is not the best after her participation in the film The heart of the Angel in 1987, where sparks allegedly jumped when they played antagonistic characters. Although, since then, both actors have tried … Read more

Mickey Rourke threatens Robert De Niro and calls him ‘damn crybaby’

USA. Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro worked together on Angel Heart, but despite having coincided on set, it seems that the actors they don’t have a good relationship. This is evidenced by an Instagram post by Rourke, who has charged his partner calling him a “damn crybaby.” Hi Robert De Niro, that’s right, I’m … Read more