Jennifer Lopez talks pressure of fame as she adds remembering her Bronx roots ‘grounds’ her

Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a behind-the-scenes look at her next film. The actress, 52, is starring in the new romantic comedy Marry Me opening on Valentine’s Day weekend next year.    ‘Marry Me peek behind the scenes of making Marry Me Movie!!!’ began the girlfriend of Ben Affleck in her caption as … Read more

Keanu Reeves pays sweet tribute to his roots in Canada’s Walk of Fame acceptance speech

December 15, 2021 – 20:13 GMT Zachary Harper The ‘Matrix’ star will be inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame on Dec. 17 Keanu Reeves is as famous for his roles in the Matrix films as he is for playing John Wick, Office Jack Traven in Speed and Ted in Bill & Ted’s … Read more

Trace Lysette on Returning to Her Stripper Roots for “Hustlers”

by John Russell 9/11/2019 Trace Lysette has come a long way from Scores, the notorious Manhattan strip club where she used to perform before breaking into acting with roles on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Transparent. Now she’s returning to the world of lap dances and champagne rooms in Hustlers, director Lorene Scafaria’s … Read more

“In Norway as in Europe, social democracy is reconnecting with its roots”

New Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store in his office in Oslo on October 14, 2021. CORNELIUS POPPE/AP Former foreign minister (2005-2012), Jonas Gahr Store, 61, elected to the leadership of the Labor Party (Arbeiderpartiet) in 2014, was appointed prime minister on October 14. The Social Democrats, who remained in the opposition for eight years, … Read more

Forget hummus! – It’s all about the roots

The word humus is often used today as a synonym for soil organic matter. Originally ‘humus’ – or ‘humus-like substances’ – was the collective name for long, complex molecules from plant remains that are very difficult to break down by micro-organisms. That is why they can be stored in the soil for a very long … Read more

“Rural Erasmus” attracts students in search of a return to their roots

Corentin Grimault and Justine Brisse, the two volunteers from Sainte-Christie-d’Armagnac, in the middle of the medieval garden. INSITE Two hours’ drive, along vast expanses of fields and vines, separate Perchède from Toulouse. Perchède, ” the center of the world ” in the eyes of the hundred inhabitants who live in this green village of Gers. … Read more

The roots of the success of the genius singer and guitar hero St. Vincent

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Music Non Stop immersed themselves in the artist’s trajectory, who released her latest album on May 14th, to understand how she went from experimental art rock to pop phenomenon without losing her uniqueness. St. Vincent, 2021. Disclosure From an experimental and provocative start to a pop revolution. We decipher … Read more