Charlize Theron to Eddie Murphy: Actors in Unrecognizable Roles

Dozens of actors have had their turn at undergoing deep transformations for a particular role. In the past, heavy prosthetics in a performance has often correlated with a higher chance for awards attention come Oscar season. In many ways, a thorough transformation is a quick way to understand the depth of an actor’s commitment to … Read more

Anne Hathaway’s Best Roles, Ranked According To IMDb

Anne Hathaway is best remembered for her breakthrough role as Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia, in Disney’s 2001 film Princess Diaries and its 2004 sequel. Shortly after her venture with Disney, Hathaway was cast in films with more mature topics, like Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada.  RELATED: Catwoman: 10 Things About Selina Kyle That Are Unique To The 2004 … Read more

Beyond the Winter Soldier: Sebastian Stan has always played roles that exist outside the binaries

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8 Roles Will Smith Missed Out On

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Michael Ealy’s Sexiest On-Screen Movie and TV Roles And Characters Essence

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Naomi Watts turns 51 and we remember her best roles in the cinema | VIDEOS | LIGHTS

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Who Plays Elodie On ‘Trinkets’? Brianna Hildebrand Is Helping To Redefine Young Female Roles

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The 10 best roles of Benicio Del Toro, a common suspect with many masks

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Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Erivo on the Pressure Women Face to Play ‘Safe’ Roles

Despite all the acclaim and the awards nods, Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Erivo say they still struggle to find opportunities to play the sort of challenging roles that male actors have been able to find for decades. The two stars discussed the double standard at TheWrap’s 2021 Power Women’s Summit as part of a spotlight … Read more