from “Lost” to “Ally McBeal”, the end of the series reviewed

In an article in the magazine “Saison”, Vladimir Lifschutz recalls the trauma that was the ultimate revelation of “Lost”, the series created by Damon Lindelof. ABC/FLORIAN SCHNEIDER/BOB D’AMICO La second delivery of Season, the series review, edited by Classiques Garnier (an academic viaticum that will reassure those who fear wasting their time watching series) is … Read more

“Not reviewed in these comments”

Ahe statements by psychologist Quintino Aires during the ‘Extra’ program, on ‘Big Brother’, generated enormous controversy – and indignation – on social networks, especially on Twitter. In light of this, TVI has already reacted to the controversy through the following statement: “In view of the speech given yesterday on ‘BB Extra’ by commentator Quintino Aires, … Read more

Harvey Keitel reviewed his successful career at the Marrakech Film Festival CELEBRITIES El Intransigente

After his participation in «The Irish«, The successful Martin Scorsese film starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino; Harvey Keitel He was present at the 18th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival, where he was the master of ceremonies for two very special moments in the renowned event. The first had to … Read more