The dark rituals of the bands Belphegor and Batushky heated the Futurum club. Circumstances in spite of

“Black rituals”. This is the name of the tour, which is dominated by two resounding names in European metal, Belphegor and Batushka. They were accompanied by three promising associations from all over the world, and it was a very successful intense evening, which did not cancel even the newly established state of emergency. Live: Batushka, … Read more

the review “Exercise” invites you to look at architecture differently

Cover of the first issue of the journal “Exercise”. FRÄNECK / EXERCISE What is the charm of the mountain views? Why do we like so much to let our spirits wander there, jump from one summit to another, slide along the reliefs so perfectly sculpted that they draw, covered with coats of snow that we … Read more

Duo Ruut creates magic on the EP “Kulla Kerguseks” only with minimalist means, voices and zither

The concert set of the Estonian duo Duo Ruut was one of the most magical things this year’s Color Festival in Polička could offer. Shortly before the event, the ladies released a 22-minute EP “Kulla Kerguseks”, which acts as an essential record of their unique sound. “Kulla Kerguseks” (Czech “Zlaté světlo”) is the second major … Read more

I Was a Simple Man Review: Constance Wu Stars in Hawaii Ghost Story

Christopher Makoto Yogi’s masterful second feature churns “Uncle Boonmee” and Yasujiro Ozu into a unique meditation on death. Editor’s note: This review was originally published at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Strand Releasing releases the film in select theaters on Friday, November 19. “Dying isn’t simple, is it?” Those words repeat through Christopher Makoto Yogi’s lush and spellbinding “I Was a Simple … Read more

“Ocean To Ocean” is an extremely moving excursion into the soul of Tori Amos

American singer Tori Amos, like most of us, struggled with a closed world during the pandemic. She spent this time at her headquarters in Cornwall, where she worked on the successor to the album “Native Invader”. During the composition, she was inspired by the local landscape, ancient myths, but also by coping with the death … Read more

Roxette Celebrates 30 Years of “Joyride” with Explained Reissue and Marble Vinyl

In March, thirty years have passed since the Swedish duo Roxette released their third album “Joyride”. In addition to the almost immortal title single, it brought other successful hits “The Big L.”, “Spending My Time” or “Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)” and with more than eleven million units sold, Marie Fredriksson became … Read more

Prague looks forward to post-punk electronics Working Men’s Club and Australian psychedelia King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

The Australian psychedelic band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard will come to Prague for the first time. During their eleven-year career, the six musicians have managed to release an incredible seventeen albums, and although each is completely different, they all share an uncompromising approach to music and a willingness to create new crazy things. … Read more

With the album “=”, Ed Sheeran tries to balance his previous experience

Mathematical symbols play a very important role in Ed Sheeran’s work. We first added, then multiplied, then divided and now we balance. That sign “equals” is great for naming the current record. Its author balances all his musical faces, which he has shown us so far. As the inconspicuous British became one of the biggest … Read more

Series: Review of “The Director – Season 1”, by Amanda Peet and Annie Wyman (Netflix)

Netflix is ​​not characterized by having many series like THE DIRECTOR. For a platform applied more than anything to more “high impact” titles that seek a global audience, this is a small, almost local product, more like an indie Sundance film than a massive title of those expected seasons and seasons. There are, yes, a … Read more

Barbora Mochowa stamped a stamp of hope in the clip “Wait for Life”

We will have to wait a while for the follower of the album “Waiting for the White Raven”. However, Barbora Mochowa is already attracting to the upcoming novelty “Will o ‘the Wisp” with the single “Wait for Life”. She collaborated on it again with Viliam Béreš. The accompanying video was then shot by actor and … Read more