fires continue to ravage the north of the country, the toll is growing

Firefighters in the mountains of Kabylia, in the region of Tizi Ouzou, August 13, 2021. ABDELAZIZ BOUMZAR / REUTERS Northern Algeria is still burning. Firefighters, soldiers and volunteers were working, Saturday August 14, to extinguish the last forest fires sharpened by extreme heat. “Civil protection teams are currently working to extinguish 29 fires through 13 … Read more

violent fires continue to ravage the country, thousands of people have been evacuated

A man watches the flames sweep over Kochyli Beach, near the village of Limni, on the island of Evia, August 6, 2021. THODORIS NIKOLAOU / AP The fire, which killed two people, is gaining ground in Greece for the 11e day in a row, devouring forests and dwellings. At least 1,450 Greek firefighters, assisted by … Read more

Fires ravage southern Europe and force residents and tourists to evacuate

JN/Agencies Today at 18:18 Dozens of villages and hotels were evacuated this Sunday in tourist areas in southern Turkey due to fires that started five days ago and have already killed eight people in the country, also devastating regions in Greece, Italy and Spain. Countries around the Mediterranean, heavily dependent on tourism receipts, which they … Read more