the mixed art of Raphael Barontini

The French artist Raphaël Barontini. RUEY WAGE UNG Transforming an exotic skin, prized by the world of luxury and whose every square centimeter is worth a fortune into a work of art? There is aa more inspiring a priori for someone wondering about colonial history. Raphaël Barontini, 37, took advantage of an eight-month residency offered … Read more

Restaurant: seventh heaven at Raphael

The terrace of the Hotel Raphael, in Paris. YVES ALSACE While Wes Anderson will present on the Croisette The French Dispatch, on the starting blocks for the Palme d’Or, fans will watch, on their sofa, the prologue of Darjeeling Limited (2007): his short film, Hotel Chevalier, where Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman love each other … Read more