Radar situational report from orbit. ICEYE showed the comparative terrain survey mode

The capability demonstrated by ICEYE in July 2021 is for the Daily Coherent Ground Track Repeat (GTR) service. The new functionality (defined as the first of its kind in the world) allows detecting the activity of both large objects (e.g. ships) and changes that are much more difficult to notice. It also allows for daily … Read more

88 satellites in one throw – including ICEYE objects. Transporter-2 mission launch

The considered launch of Falcon 9 took place on June 30 this year. at 15:31 local time (21:31 CEST) from the LC-40 launcher, part of the Cape Canaveral space launch facility in Florida. Firing up was delayed by one day – the earlier take-off attempt was interrupted when a private helicopter entered the restricted airspace … Read more