Actor Blu Hunt Revealed How Danielle Moonstar Helped Define Her Indigenous and Queer Identity

Discovering your identity can prove one of the toughest challenges in life. Identity has become even more important as more Americans celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day over Columbus Day. In HBO Max’s New Mutants, actor Blu Hunt admitted that playing the Queer and Indigenous Danielle Moonstar helped define her identity.  Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Blu Hunt, … Read more

Animated queer spy comedy Q-Force is a hilarious ode to community that’s more than meets the eye

Queeries is a weekly column by CBC Arts producer Peter Knegt that queries 2SLGBTQ art, culture and/or identity through a personal lens. The hottest new adult animated comedy has everything: queer spies; the voice work of Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, Matt Rogers and Patti Harrison (among many others); homages to the films Vox Lux, The Princess Diaries and Brokeback Mountain; lots of … Read more

Michael K. William’s legacy of playing queer characters was powerfully underrated

OPINION: The late renowned actor gave us tough, passionate, and nuanced representations of queer men on screen in an industry that scared cis-het Black entertainers from doing such. The first time I saw a believable Black gay man on television was watching the character of Omar Little, played by the late Michael K. Williams, in … Read more

Criticism of Comando Queer, Netflix’s vindictive animation series

We’ve been watching Comando Queer, the new animated series that landed on the Netflix catalog today. We tell you what we found in our review. Netflix’s animated series catalog is expanded today with the arrival of Queer command, a series that brings a clearly defined target audience by its title and theme, focused on the … Read more

300 people attack the police – riots at queer demo in Berlin – BZ Berlin

B.Z. July 25, 2021 5:46 PM Updated 6:02 PM As part of a demo under the motto “We are here and we are queer – in every color, size and shape …”, according to the police, there were serious riots and attacks on police forces on Saturday. With several hundred participants initially, the elevator moved … Read more

Catherine Corsini’s “La Fracture” receives the Queer Palm 2021

The “Queer Palm 2021”, LGBT prize, was awarded to the feature film on Friday The divide (read the franceinfo review here) by Frenchwoman Catherine Corsini, in official competition at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. Created in 2010 by the critic Franck Finance-Madureira, the Queer Palm rewards each year a film and short films dealing with … Read more

Jonathan Van Ness, astro de Queer Eye, da Netflix, cria canal no Youtube

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Queer Eye, project initially from the broadcaster Bravo, is an undisputed success on Netflix, owner of 5 seasons, where the “fabulous 5” improve the lives of straight couples and singles with their queer eyes. The dynamic show works as follows: the cast composed by Antoni porowski (food and wine … Read more

Queer art and activism on the streets. Keith Haring’s open-air murals

short Music Non Stop no Facebook How about reading this article while listening to Larry Levan, a great friend of Haring’s? I can’t remember when I discovered Keith Haring’s work. I get the feeling I’ve always known him. Its language is so familiar, so ingrained in the collective imagination, that it seems to have always … Read more

Celebrate LGBTQ Pride with these 15 queer moments on screen

This year, celebrate LGBTQ + Pride with these series, movies, and characters on Netflix that remind us of the most beautiful thing about being queer: Elite (S2: E3): Omar and Ander share their most romantic moment of the season. How can we not adore Omander ?! The evolution of their love story in Elite has … Read more