The promising beginnings of the European public prosecutor’s office

Laura Codruta Kövesi, Chief Prosecutor of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, at a press conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, June 11, 2021. NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV / AFP The history of European construction will remember that this is the very first convict of the new European public prosecutor’s office. On November 22, 2021, a former mayor of a … Read more

Vin Diesel Drops a Promising Riddick 4 Update

Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel continues to hype the comeback of another of his most famous franchises, Riddick, with the actor taking to social media to share a promising update on the proposed fourth installment. “Great meeting today, very excited about this next chapter,” Diesel said in a caption alongside an image of the … Read more

India surprises by promising carbon neutrality by 2070

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his statement at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland on November 1, 2021. ALASTAIR GRANT / AP India created the surprise, Monday 1is November, in Glasgow, Scotland. The South Asian giant has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2070, announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, delivered … Read more

Antidepressants For Cancer? New study delivers promising results

There is new hope for cancer patients. The antidepressant known as “Prozac” may prevent colon and pancreatic cancer from growing. This is proven by at least the first promising tests with mice. Prozac for Cancer: Antidepressant May Inhibit Cancer Growth In a current study, a team of researchers from the University of Zurich examined how … Read more

Most Promising Daydream Android Apps in India 2021

This list features the most promising daydream android apps in India in 2021. 1. Hello Mars All 3D data & landing procedures of Hello Mars were created strictly based on NASA’s public data & research.– Experience the “7 minutes of terror” Mars landing sequence in VR with real-time rendered graphics and spatial sound effects– Prepare … Read more

promising results, but still obstacles

Joye, a 7-year-old Malinois shepherd from the departmental fire and rescue service of the Oise, during training in the detection of Covid-19 at the National Veterinary School of Alfort, July 19, 2021. The leg inside the cone means the bitch identified Covid-19 in the sample. CAMILLE MILLERAND / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” Keen eyes, calm … Read more

Design and 3D printing, a job opportunity with a promising future

The history of mankind is full of great milestones and discoveries that have meant great milestones and great advances in various fields. The invention of the wheel, the light bulb, the development of the printing press, the first motor vehicles … feats that, with the passage of time and thanks to research, shape the world … Read more