Profits melt away: Powell appointment depresses tech stocks

Monday 22 November 2021 Profits melt away Powell Appointment Pushes Tech Values The prospect of continuity at the top of the US Federal Reserve is initially driving the US stock markets, but the trend does not last until the end. However, the dollar is getting a boost and yields are picking up sharply. When it … Read more

Chinese regulator sanctions drop Alibaba profits

Alibaba offices in Beijing, April 13, 2021. GREG BAKER / AFP Alibaba had not published declining results for five years. But 2021 has been a particularly dark year for the Chinese e-commerce giant, hit by a series of sanctions and calls to order. After two satisfactory quarters, Chinese growth also slackened sharply from the summer, … Read more

Scarcity drives meat prices up – Meat giant Tyson sees profits double despite volume decline and meat shortage

US meat giant Tyson Foods’ revenue rose in its fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from July through September, by more than 10% to $12.8 billion. Profit even doubled (+103%) and rose to $1.358 billion. Tyson Foods owes the good benefits to the record high meat prices in the United States. Sales volumes downThe increase in … Read more

“The idea that Facebook puts profits before people is false”

Monika Bickert, head of Facebook content policies, on Capitol Hill in Washington, January 2020. MANUEL BALCE CENETA / AP In turmoil for three weeks, Facebook is now trying to counterattack. “The overwhelming majority of what has been mentioned in the press does not correspond to my experience of this company”, assured, Friday October 8 to … Read more

Facebook Whistleblower Reveals Identity, Says Company Prioritized Profits Over Public Good

Teens analyze how social media impacts them 2:41 New York (CNN Business) – The identity of the Facebook whistleblower who posted tens of thousands of pages of internal investigations and documents, sparking a firestorm for the social media company in recent weeks, was revealed on the “60 Minutes” program on Sunday. the night. Her name: … Read more

In the maze of food labels, too few guarantees on their profits

The European AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) logo during the AOP trade fair in front of the Paris City Hall, October 18, 2019. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP Red Label, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Who’s the boss ?!, Organic farming (AB)… In front of a supermarket shelf, consumers can easily find themselves overwhelmed by the … Read more

European tax observatory: “EU banks make 20 billion in profits a year in 17 tax havens”. Also Mps, Intesa and Unicredit

“Despite the growing importance of this issue in the public debate and in the political world, European banks have not significantly reduced the use of tax havens“. European institutes still carry out about every year 20 billion euros in profits, 14% of the total, in 17 countries with favorable taxation. This is what a report … Read more

France campaigns to tax super profits up to 25%

Through Reuters Published on Jul 11, 2021 VENICE (Reuters) – States should be able to tax a quarter of the profits of large multinationals regardless of where they are generated, France proposed on Saturday at a meeting of G20 finance ministers focused on overhauling the rules cross-border corporate taxation. Reuters Details of the new rules … Read more