a prevention spot against transphobia

Benjamin (Noémie Merlant) and Aude (Soko), in “A Good Man”, by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar. PYRAMID FILMS THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – WHY NOT For several years, many fictions and documentaries have been devoted to transidentity, obeying, at worst, a fad, at best, an imperative need to inform a public often ignorant of the trans reality. … Read more

Vienna City Marathon: Prevention should make VCM CoV-safe

The VCM organizers around organizer Wolfgang Konrad and organization manager Wolfgang Wehr have given the traditional event with medical support a 110-page prevention concept to make it possible to carry it out from spring to autumn after the cancellation in 2020 and the postponement of 2021. “It was the most difficult phase in the 37-year … Read more

Diabetes pandemic must have a similar priority as COVID-19 – Heilpraxis

Political measures to contain diabetes have so far failed. What should politics do from the perspective of the diabetes specialist society? (Image: HNFOTO / stock.adobe.com) Diabetes: How can politics contribute to prevention The specialist society for diabetes warns that the prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes should be just as actively promoted in politics … Read more

The role of physical activity in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes – Anna Lewandowska

A healthy lifestyle is not only about balanced meals, the right amount of sleep or avoiding stress and addictions. If you wanted to create a healthy lifestyle pyramid, physical activity would be at the heart of it. You all know that exercise is health. There is evidence of this as well. According to data from … Read more

Prevention of bottlenecks in the power supply

Dhe coal-fired power station Heyden 4 should have gone offline in these days. Its operator Uniper had successfully applied for compensation. But the Federal Network Agency vetoed the shutdown because otherwise there would be bottlenecks in the power supply. Heyden 4 will remain a reserve power station for a while so that the lights do … Read more