Tessa Thompson Teases Valkyrie’s Potential New Powers in Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder brings Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie back to the MCU for the first time since Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Since we last saw the Queen of New Asgard, it looks like she has been acquiring some new comic-accurate powers that will be seen in full effect in the fourth Thor movie of the … Read more

La Luz del Mundo leader faces “potential sentence of life imprisonment”, says his lawyer | Univision News United States

Alan Jackson, the chief attorney for the leader of the church La Luz del Mundo, He warned in a document filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that his client would face a life sentence if convicted of 19 criminal charges, including sexual abuse of minors. Naasón Joaquín García He has been detained in a Los … Read more

“Messenger RNA offers enormous potential for a large number of diseases”

Ugur Sahin, founder and CEO of pharmaceutical company BioNtech, on June 1, 2020 in Mainz, Germany. FELIX SCHMITT / FOCUS / COSMOS In the eyes of the world, messenger RNA (mRNA) remains intimately linked to Covid-19. And for good reason: for its first clinical use, this technology brilliantly won the vaccine race and saved millions … Read more

Alberth Elis flies and roars in France: “Decisive, efficiency and good potential for Bordeaux”

Bordeaux, France. For Alberth Elis, the sky is not the limit and he has shown that what he did in Portugal, his first experience in Europe, was only the beginning. In France he is being acclaimed for his performances and with goals at Girondins de Bordeaux. Despite Bordeaux’s poor season, ranked 17th with 14 points, … Read more

3D printed fuel injector demonstrates low-cost missile propulsion potential

Researchers at the Indian Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL) have used 3D printing to create a revamped fuel injector that could allow for the lower-cost propulsion of ground-to-air missiles. Through the adoption of PBF 3D printing, and the integration of a triangular cross-section into their injector design, the team have been able to consolidate two … Read more

The exciting potential (and limitations) of LeBron James at center

At this stage of an illustrious career that’s seen him win enough accolades to fill up not just shelves, but entire rooms, there’s not much left LeBron James can do that is surprising. For over 19 seasons, James has been the constant in a fluctuating league that has seen changes in everything from the most … Read more

Planetary scientists are starting to get stirred up by Starship’s potential

Enlarge / A rendering of SpaceX’s Starship traveling to the Saturn system. SpaceX Jennifer Heldmann stared at the computer screens on her desk, watching as a rocket’s upper stage slammed into a crater near the South Pole of the Moon. In the name of science, a 2.3-ton chunk of steel struck the Moon with the … Read more