Florence Pugh ‘blocked’ from posting about new Marvel appearance

Florence Pugh had some fans unimpressed with the spoiler (Picture: WireImage) Warning: Spoilers for Hawkeye ahead. Florence Pugh has revealed she’s been ‘blocked’ from posting about her appearance in Hawkeye, slamming the decision as ‘beyond ridiculous.’ The Yelena Bolova star made her first appearance in the Disney+ series after much speculation from fans, with the … Read more

Icardi-Wanda, peace made: she returns to Instagram posting photos with Mauro

A collage of photos between kisses and languid glances and a phrase: “I’ll take care of the family, the p … life will take care of it” Once upon a time, the soap opera was the fixed post-lunch appointment. Today, at the time of Instagram, all the schemes have jumped and the episodes chase each … Read more

Nabilla is heavily sanctioned after posting on Snapchat

Great accustomed to media escapades, the star of reality show is talking about her again, after having been very heavily sanctioned following a publication on the social network Snapchat. A big fine We no longer present Nabilla Benattia-Vergara. Revealed in 2013 during her participation in the show The angels of reality TV, the model has … Read more