Portuguese passport is again among the five strongest in the world

Portugal once again appears in the top five of the list of the “strongest” passports in the world. According to the new update of “The Henley Passport Index” released this Tuesday, there are only 13 passports that give access to more countries without the need to apply for a visa in advance. The Portuguese passport … Read more

Paulo Sousa, the first impressions of the squad and the praise for Jesus

Paulo Sousa, Flamengo coach Photography: Alexandre Vidal / CRF Redaction January 10, 2022 at 5:07 pm Portuguese coach was introduced as Flamengo coach. Pressure to train Flamengo: “The pressure at Flamengo is daily. Flamengo is a club that invested to win. We, coaches, live to win. The fans are demanding not only because they have … Read more

Catarina dos Santos is the first Portuguese deputy in the German parliament

JN/agencies Today at 08:56 Catarina dos Santos is the first Portuguese-German deputy to integrate the Bundestag (German parliament), and, at 27 years old, the youngest to be elected by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in this legislature. “It’s a great honor”, stressed Catarina dos Santos to the Lusa agency. Born in Lisbon in 1994, she … Read more

Portuguese model Luisinha Barosa Oliveira wins Formula 1 driver

Sara Oliveira Today at 12:18 Model Luisinha Barosa Oliveira is dating Brit Lando Norris. The relationship was assumed by the McLaren sportsman, in the middle of the Dubai desert. With 101 thousand followers on Instagram, Luisinha Barosa Oliveira is among the Portuguese influencers in the limelight today, even more so now that it is known … Read more

Joaquim Rodrigues, the Portuguese winner of the most emotional stage of the Dakar

A Portuguese flag will be raised as high as possible this Tuesday in Saudi Arabia. Joaquim Rodrigues won the third stage of the Dakar Rally, after finishing a 255 km special in Al Qaisumah with a time of 2h34m41s. Born in Barcelos, 41 years ago, Joaquim Rodrigues will have won the most emotional victory in … Read more

One of the main Portuguese press groups victim of a computer attack

Screenshot of the message displayed on the Espresso and SIC sites after the hack. The Portuguese press group Impresa, which notably owns Express, one of the main newspapers in the country, as well as the group of television stations SIC, was the victim of a cyberattack Sunday (January 2nd). The hackers modified the home pages … Read more

Corona: “Maybe too late to respond to those people who have vaccination reservations”

Dhe new ARD chairwoman Patricia Schlesinger also sees critical points in her own reporting on the corona pandemic. In an interview with the German press agency, the 60-year-old said in response to the question of what mistakes the ARD had made: “As far as mistakes are concerned: Perhaps we were too late to address those … Read more

Dozens of Portuguese people unable to travel because of new rules

DSince December 1st, when a calamity situation was declared, all passengers arriving in Portugal by air are required to present a negative test to covid-19 or recovery certificate upon disembarkation, regardless of being vaccinated. However, the rules do not make it clear that antigen self-tests, which are cheaper and therefore more widely used by travelers, … Read more

‘I’m not going to talk about the referee, I don’t want my career to end today’

Carlos Queiroz, Egypt coach Photography: EPA Redaction 15 December 2021 at 18:43 An own goal in the 95th minute this Wednesday dictated Egypt’s 1-0 defeat by Tunisia, and prevented the team coached by the Portuguese from reaching the final of the Arab Nations Cup. Luck and analysis: “Luck spoke for one side. We had the … Read more

End of the run for Portuguese banker Joao Rendeiro

Joao Rendeiro, in 2005, in Seville, Spain. CHEMA MOYA / EPA It had been nearly three months since he had fled to avoid his imprisonment. Saturday, December 11, Portuguese banker Joao Rendeiro, targeted by an international arrest warrant, was finally arrested in his sumptuous hideout: a five-star hotel in Durban, South Africa. On this 69-year-old … Read more