The day Lily Collins tried to steal a gift from Lady Di and flipped a phone from Prince Charles

Lily Collins was invited to the program James Corden, The Late Late Show (CBS) this past Tuesday. There, amid the comments about the second season of the Netflix hit, Emily and Paris, the actress recalled two hilarious anecdotes from when I was a child involving the British royal family, more precisely the Princess Diana and … Read more

United States Court ordered to seize and search the phone of actor Alec Baldwin | People | Entertainment

Messages, calls, emails and more. Investigators hope to learn more about the shoot on which Baldwin was also a producer. EFE December 17, 2021 – 2:48 pm A judge from New Mexico (USA) approved this Thursday ua search warrant from the authorities from this state to seize actor Alec Baldwin’s phone, so I know It … Read more

Why you should alert the crew if your cell phone falls under the seat of an airplane

Lapatilla December 16 2021, 5:36 pm There is something that generates tension in airplanes because, in addition to generating anger, it can be dangerous for the safety of the flight: that the cell phone falls under the seats. The space in airplanes is very small for so many passengers and it is not difficult to … Read more

Scandal over Lukashenko’s phone call – Merkel snubbed Europe! – Politics abroad

Diplomatic scandal at the end of Merkel’s term in office! The day after the 50-minute Merkel-Lukashenko phone call, there was “shock and indignation” in Warsaw, Riga and Vilnius – Belarus’ three EU neighbors – according to a Polish diplomat in Brussels to BILD. The three countries are “angry that the German Chancellor over our heads … Read more

Luke Evans Would Enjoy Parting With His Phone

Luke Evans stars in the Hulu miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers. The show takes place at a remote wellness retreat that uses some unorthodox methods. The guests are not allowed to have their cellphones while on their 10-day retreat at Tranquillum House. For some, being without electronic devices is a nightmare scenario. However, unlike his character, … Read more

AVE Viva-Voce, the smart and connected 10 ”video door phone

A device that is easy to program and to propose, which can be integrated with Home Automation and with the AVE burglar alarm. Furthermore, through the dedicated app it allows you to receive calls even remotely. The AVE Viva-Voce video door phone is designed to meet the smart needs of end users. In particular, this … Read more