Emma Watson reveals the perfect skincare routine to have porcelain skin at 30

Emma Watson She is one of the most beautiful actresses and the 31-year-old has become an icon of beauty. Through an interview with Into the Gloss, the protagonist of Harry Potter revealed his skincare routine to show off porcelain skin. Curiosity about the world of beauty came to Emma Watson when she was filming Harry … Read more

The perfect club? That is why Coman decided to extend his career with FC Bayern

Kingsley Coman’s contract extension is imminent. According to matching media reports, the 25-year-old will sign his new working paper with the German record champions in the coming days. It has now become known why Coman has rejected the numerous calls from abroad and has spoken out in favor of staying with FCB. For a long … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy has the perfect New Balance sweatshirt

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images The great fashion moments that we have lived in 2021. Nude Project or the Spanish firm created by two young people that sells a sweatshirt every 20 seconds. Of the collegiate outfits of Lady’s Gambit‘to the spectacular dresses of the most prestigious galas and film events on the globe to the most … Read more

Laura Dern, the eternal and always perfect Hollywood supporting actress

Laura Dern he is living his year. This is how all the chronicles that talk about her year after year could begin, because the actress, at 52, has managed to make her perseverance, her work and her professionalism the hallmarks that have catapulted her to the top of the industry and that lead him to … Read more

Happy Death Day’s Jessica Rothe Had The Best Time Loop Advice For The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things’ Kyle Allen And Kathryn Newton

Chris Landon’s Happy Death Day shook up the Groundhog Day concept when it turned the idea of infinite days into a slasher film starring Jessica Rothe. The Blumhouse horror comedy has become an underdog fan-favorite, with the planned trilogy closer, Happy Death Day To Us, hopefully still in the cards in the future. Landon then … Read more

Brittany Snow’s jeans perfect to wear with sneakers

Brittany Snow, the actress of the saga “Giving the note“She started acting at the age of 8 and was also a model. It will be because of this, trajectory and experience in graphics and catwalks, that his style dazzles. And she does it both when she steps on the red carpets and wears glitters, necklines … Read more

A perfect day: Benicio del Toro: “They gave me many cookies: there is my blood everywhere” | ICON

Benicio del Toro takes to the heights for ICON in Griffith Park, east of Hollywood.Kurt Iswarienko The filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa explains that if there is one thing that abominates in the cinema, it is what they call the “confession moment”. In a recess from the action, the main character lets another person talk … Read more

James Webb’s “Lifespan” May Have Been Doubled With A Perfect Launch

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after the ad) This week, NASA said it would take less fuel than expected for the James Webb Space Telescope to reach Lagrange Point L2. This is good news for research, since the observatory should thus be able to carry out a 10-year mission instead of … Read more