Boris Johnson: ‘The party’s over Prime Minister!’

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PSD Elections. 46 thousand militants decide today the party’s leadership

This Saturday, 46 thousand militants decide who will be the new president of the PSD. Rui Rio tries to be re-elected and Paulo Rangel seeks, for the first time, to become president of the Social Democratic Party. The two candidates voted in the early afternoon. The polls closed at 8 pm, with the evolution of … Read more

China is glorifying its space program for the Party’s centenary [KOMENTARZ]

What makes one a worry for another? Recent months have brought China many opportunities to complete the next stages of its plans for extraterrestrial exploration and the development of space technology. From May this year. The Martian rover Zhurong delivered the first photos to Earth, showing, among others, Chinese lander and the vehicle itself on … Read more