The La Palma di Capri hotel, the first Italian address in the Oetker Collection, will reopen in April

The first Italian address of the Oetker Collection will open its doors next April: built in 1882, La Palma is the oldest hotel on the island; acquired by Reuben Brothers it has been completely renovated thanks to the work of the interior designer Francis Sultana. Located a few steps from the legendary Piazzetta, the La … Read more

Lava from La Palma volcano spreads over 8 hectares in 24 hours

The volcano in La Palma it’s back in the news. Having recently risen through the ranks in terms of its blast rate, having emitted more than 10 million cubic meters of pyroclastic material since it erupted 61 days ago, now the problem is lava. According to the scientific and technical committee of the Volcanic Emergency … Read more

Plane detour to Palma de Mallorca may have been arranged on Facebook

O group of immigrants who took advantage of a landing in Palma de Mallorca to try to escape along the airport runway may have planned the escape through a Facebook group. While the Spanish police continue to investigate the case, as well as to search for 12 of the fugitives, the Efe agency had access … Read more

Volcanic eruption on La Palma / Spain: New explosion at night – lava flow is still flowing

Updated: 22.10.202109:46 fromMartina Lippl conclude The volcano on La Palma shows no weakness. A second lava flow falls down the northern slope and destroys banana plantations. The current has not yet reached the sea. La Palma – Last night there was a new explosion of the volcano on La Palma. A mighty lava flow then … Read more

Volcano on La Palma: Spectacular satellite images – lava flow just before the coast

conclude Sandra Kathe conclude The volcano Cumbre Vieja has been spitting lava and soot on La Palma for a month. There is no end in sight. Update from Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 1.30 p.m .: The volcano on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma has been spitting ash, smoke and lava for exactly a … Read more

Volcano on La Palma: Sensational satellite images – lava flow slows down

conclude Sandra Kathe conclude The volcano Cumbre Vieja has been spitting lava and soot on La Palma for almost a month. Air traffic to the island is now possible again. +++ 8.45 p.m .: A second lava flow will probably not reach the sea on the Canary volcanic island of La Palma, contrary to initial … Read more

Ash and Cloud Rings Over La Palma

Since the Cumbre Vieja volcano began erupting on September 19, 2021, most of the compelling activity has happened on the ground. For nearly two weeks, thick sheets of lava burned through farmland, roads, and homes on the southwestern part of La Palma, one of the Canary Islands. The atmospheric effects of the eruption had been … Read more

Severe tremors on La Palma – experts in concern

The inhabitants of La Palma were startled in the morning by the worst earthquake since the outbreak of the Cumbre Vieja. Is new magma collecting under the volcano? Photo series with 10 pictures The area around the volcano that erupted three weeks ago on La Palma has been shaken again by several relatively strong earthquakes. … Read more

Volcanic eruption on La Palma leaves “enormous destruction” – lava flows inexorably

fromTanja Banner conclude Teresa Toth conclude Even three weeks after the eruption, the volcano continues to rage at Cumbre Vieja on the island of La Palma. Part of the volcano collapsed. Large amounts of lava emerge. Update from Monday, October 11th, 2021, 8.25 a.m .: “Enormous destruction” has occurred on the Canary Island of La … Read more