The series follow one another at a breakneck pace in 2022

Véra Clouseau (Daphné Patakia), Didier Mathure (Melvil Poupaud), Rémy Bidaut (Quentin Dolmaire) in season 2 of the series “Ovni (s)”, on Canal +. NICOLAS VELTER / MONTEBELLO PRODUCTIONS / CANAL + Despite the now familiar feeling that everything can stop overnight, filming suspended in 2020 has resumed at a breakneck pace in 2021 and the … Read more

In a lively tango with the leader of Chega, it was Rui Tavares who set the pace

tiagoafpereira / Flickr Rui Tavares, founder of Livre Two opposing poles in an electoral tango: Rui Tavares, on the left, André Ventura, on the right. The first forced the opponent to talk about his nine-page electoral program, the second tried to glue the founder of Livre to irresponsibility. bluntly, Rui Tavares took the floor anticipating … Read more

against Omicron, the United Kingdom accelerates the pace for the third dose but refuses restrictive health measures

The queue outside the Covid-19 vaccination center at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London on December 13, 2021. TOLGA AKMEN / AFP General mobilization against Omicron in the United Kingdom: alarmed by a variant of SARS-CoV-2 which spreads extremely quickly, the British government wants to drastically accelerate the campaign for the third dose of … Read more

Virgin Orbit to launch third flight in December, double pace in 2022

SpaceX and NASA pushed the original return back to Earth for the four astronauts back due to bad weather. (Courtesy: NASA TV) EXCLUSIVE: After two successful back-to-back launches in 2021, pre-launch preparations are underway for Virgin Orbit’s third and final LauncherOne mission for the year. BEZOS’ BLUE ORIGIN LOSES NASA LAWSUIT; WIN FOR MUSK’S SPACEX … Read more

US Space Force: China’s pace of development of space systems is worrying

“The biggest challenge for China in the space domain is the high pace at which the country develops its systems,” he said on Wednesday, November 3. (during the second day of the Global MilSatCom ’21 conference) General Bradley Chance Saltzman of the United States Space Force. This was the way of, inter alia, to the … Read more

As space travel picks up pace it’s time to explore what may happen to our bodies if we die there

Temperature is a key factor in decomposition. On the Moon, for example, temperatures can range from 120°C to -170°C. Bodies could therefore show signs of heat-induced change or freezing damage A representational image of an astronaut in space. Shutterstock As space travel for recreational purposes is becoming a very real possibility, there could come a … Read more

The pace of the energy transition not sufficient to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, according to the International Energy Agency

“Ellen” and “Elly” offshore oil rigs near Long Beach, California, in 2012. AP It is presented as the “Bible” of the energy sector, read by heads of state and bosses of oil companies. A voluminous report published each autumn by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the “World Energy Outlook” (WEO) presents medium and long-term production … Read more

SpaceX is building Starship’s first orbital-class booster at a breakneck pace

Within the last week, SpaceX’s South Texas Starship factory appears to have kicked things into high gear and are now assembling the first orbital-class Super Heavy booster prototype at a breakneck pace. While the assembly of the Super Heavy known as Booster 4 (B4) wasn’t too dissimilar to what CEO Elon Musk described as a … Read more

The gray wolf population is growing in France, but at a slower pace

The gray wolf, eradicated in France by man, made its comeback in 1992 from Italy and is gradually expanding its territory. GAY KRAMER / AP The gray wolf population is increasing in France, but at a slower rate, announced Friday, July 9, the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) to Agence France-Presse (AFP), with a level of … Read more