Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is planning a “business park” in space

Blue Origin Blue Origin will work with Sierra Space and Boeing to build a commercial space station. The Orbital Reef station reflects Jeff Bezos’ vision to carry out high-carbon work in space. The station is to be rented out for work, research and tourism. Blue Origin announced plans to build its own commercial space station … Read more

The Mirabal sisters: three Latinas who marked the origin of the International Day Against Gender Violence | Univision Latin America News

November 25 is the so-called International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The date is commemorated after the United Nations General Assembly adopt a resolution in 1999/2000 that designated it the day to “invite governments, international organizations and NGOs” to coordinate actions to draw public attention to the scourge of violence against women. … Read more

Thanksgiving Day | Thanksgiving 2021: what is the origin of the most important celebration in the United States | Black Friday | WORLD

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving, which is celebrated this Thursday, is the quintessential American family holiday; a celebration that, beyond the sumptuous dinner presided over by a large baked turkey with which everyone identifies it, has evolved over the centuries mixing tradition, politics, myth and sport. LOOK: Thanksgiving Day: 8 keys to understanding why it is the … Read more

the inter-union at the origin of the general strike calls for the lifting of the roadblocks

A burnt out car blocks a road in Fort-de-France, Martinique, on November 23, 2021. LOÏC VENANCE / AFP In Martinique, the inter-union at the origin of the general strike launched on Monday is trying to calm the situation. The inter-union “Met and analyzed the situation, and taking into account […] from what we have seen … Read more

Reihe “Up, up to the Moon” (4): Blue Origin – Jeff Bezos Weltraum-Traum

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos presents his lunar module (Rachel Silvermann) The first ignition of Blue Origin’s brand new rocket engine at the NASA space center in Huntsville, Alabama, lasted just 35 seconds. But: “The data is correct and the hardware is in pristine condition,” tweeted Jeff Bezos, richest man in the world and founder of … Read more

Air accident of Glen de Vries – a participant in the Blue Origin suborbital flight

Glen de Vries – an American entrepreneur, and recently also a participant in the second manned flight performed on the New Shepard suborbital system (with the participation of, among others, actor William Shatner) – died in the crash of a small plane that crashed in the state of New Jersey. His death was announced on … Read more

Blue Origin delays Artemis mission until at least 2025

RTL>news> 13. November 2021 – 15:20 clock Start date not before 2025 It’s a setback, even if it was expected. As the head of NASA announced, the goal of sending people to the moon again in 2024 will not be able to be met. The date for the start of the Artemis mission must therefore … Read more

Blue Origin practices with dummy version of orbital rocket

Blue Origin’s New Glenn first-stage simulator makes an appearance. (Blue Origin Photo) It’ll be at least another year before Blue Origin’s orbital-class New Glenn rocket gets its first launch, but Jeff Bezos’ space venture has brought out a dummy version of New Glenn’s first stage to practice for that eventual countdown. The 188-foot-long, 23-foot-wide simulator … Read more

Rescued in the south of the Algarve, refuse to reveal origin and destination

“NWe do not have information on the origin and fate of these people, who allegedly are mostly Moroccans, according to what they themselves said”, revealed Rocha Pacheco, in statements to journalists, at the Naval Support Point of Portimão, where the 37 people landed today around 17:00. The official added that four of the 37 people … Read more