Five open-air baths where you can recharge your batteries in the heart of winter

MORNING LIST Sulphurous springs in altitude, Jacuzzi in the Japanese tradition, swimming pools covered with stones in Italy, waters with therapeutic virtues, even “magical” in Corsica: start the year by immersing yourself in very warm places. Well hidden and surrounded by nature, in Ariège Sulphurous sources of Mérens-les-Vals (Ariège). MAXIME KING This sulphurous hot spring … Read more

Queer art and activism on the streets. Keith Haring’s open-air murals

short Music Non Stop no Facebook How about reading this article while listening to Larry Levan, a great friend of Haring’s? I can’t remember when I discovered Keith Haring’s work. I get the feeling I’ve always known him. Its language is so familiar, so ingrained in the collective imagination, that it seems to have always … Read more