Brian Cox really cares about Jeremy Strong’s obsession with his character on ‘Succession’

Sarah Snook, Brian Cox y Jeremy Strong de la serie de HBO, ‘Succession’. Foto: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Jeremy Strong could be more Kendall Roy than even the cast of ‘Succession’. A new profile of the actor in The New Yorker focuses almost exclusively on the intense, sometimes questionable extremes he has gone to … Read more

F1, Bottas’ nightmare: “In 2014 obsessed with weight, close to leaving Formula 1”

The Finn from Mercedes on a podcast: “I had become a ghost, I was obsessed with losing weight and I lost control. My ex-wife once wished me ‘good flight’ and I told her I didn’t care if the plane crashed. I was reborn thanks to a psychologist “ Racing in Formula 1? It is not … Read more

Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, a fashion driven by the obsession with perfection

By Caroline Rousseau Posted today at 11:00 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers PortraitSince the beginnings of their ready-to-wear brand, the pair have always defended a vision beyond the dictates of ephemeral fashion. Its minimalist and subtle wardrobe continues, year after year, to seduce novices and initiates alike. Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire. All the photos … Read more

The Morning Show can’t shake its obsession with Mitch the sex pest

Alex is back on The Morning Show and the ratings are up, but is everyone happy? Her presence has everyone scrambling to prove that they’re on the right side of things. Meanwhile, disgraced former anchor Mitch just won’t go away. Apple TV+’s inside look at the world of TV broadcast journalism stands at a precipice … Read more

Ryan Reynolds humorously confronts his daughter’s obsession with the song Baby Shark

If you are a parent or have been close to a child in the last five years, then you have probably heard the song ‘Baby Shark’ on occasion, a children’s song that has become a hymn for the little ones and in many Sometimes a real torture for parents, who are forced to listen to … Read more

Elena Barolo between the gym, Juve and the obsession with cellulite

The showgirl and former tissue tells how she keeps fit between training and nutrition: “I eat little of everything” Elena Barolo grew up playing sports. He started at 4, attending dance classes, and then he never stopped. Showgirl and former tissue of Strip the news, on Instagram it is followed by almost 270 thousand followers, … Read more

Shannen Doherty and her case against Hollywood’s obsession with botox

08/06/2021 – 11:43 Updated: 06/08/2021 – 11:59 At 50 years old and using some sincere words on his Instagram account that accompanied a photo in which it appears natural and without makeup, the interpreter wanted report the growing trend in Hollywood to wear botox and other touch-ups of cosmetic surgery. Shannen Doherty has come a … Read more