nusrat jahan: Are you really happy to leave Nusrat? Question to Nikhil – nikil jain asked about nusrat jahan on social media

Highlights Nusrat Jahan leaves Nikhil Jain’s house at the end of 2020 Eventually, the court ruled that Nusrat and Nikhil were legally separated A netizen recently commented on Nikhil’s picture on social media, ‘Are you really happy after breaking up with Nusrat?’ This time the digital desk: In 2021, their relationship was practiced throughout. Businessman … Read more

nusrat jahn: Nusrat is copying Yash! Nusrat jahan and yash dasgupta post viral on internet

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nusrat jahan: same pinch! Nashrat jahan and yash dasgupta all set for their vacation

Highlights Yash Dashgupta and Nusrat Jahan, the most talked about couple in Tollywood, are going to board the plane in that celebration. After a long time, Nusrat posted a picture with Yash on the wall of Nostagram It is understood with the clothes that they are in a fun mood This time the digital desk: … Read more