Man suspected of shooting at GNR military personnel shot dead in Pinhal Novo

© Miguel Pereira/Global Images (archive) ForPortuguese December 7, 2021 • 17:17 A 62-year-old man suspected of having shot this Tuesday morning at GNR soldiers was shot dead in Pinhal Novo, after a police operation that lasted three hours, reported the GNR’s Territorial Command in Setúbal. In a statement, the GNR states that the suspect, who … Read more

O novo Fashionismo! – Fashionismo

Over these almost 14 years of Fashionism I’ve lived through many eras of this internet. The boom of blogs, the emergence of each social network, community of readers, podcasts, just to name a few tools that have the same purpose: produce content! From blogger to digital influencer, I’ve always been sure, the blog as my … Read more