Blue Origin: This is how you can now follow Captain Kirk’s flight into space live

After a postponement due to the weather, William Shatner is to undertake a ten-minute trip into space as the oldest man to date. The real-life mission of the Star Trek actor known as Captain James T. Kirk can be followed live from 2:30 p.m. Update: After some delays, the launch should actually start soon. Amazon … Read more

Air accident of Glen de Vries – a participant in the Blue Origin suborbital flight

Glen de Vries – an American entrepreneur, and recently also a participant in the second manned flight performed on the New Shepard suborbital system (with the participation of, among others, actor William Shatner) – died in the crash of a small plane that crashed in the state of New Jersey. His death was announced on … Read more

New Shepard instead of USS Enterprise. The original “James T. Kirk” flew from Blue Origin

Canadian actor William Shatner took a short-lived sub-orbital journey to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere with three other passengers of the New Shepard Crew Capsule. They were respectively: Dr. Chris Boshuizen (Planet Labs co-founder), Glen de Vries (Medidata Solutions co-founder; both as commercial participants – ticket buyers) and Audrey Powers (vice president working at … Read more

Blue Origin succeeds in launching recycling rocket

Web world & technology Milestone in space travel Blue Origin succeeds in restarting recycling rocket Published on 01/23/2016 | Reading time: 3 minutes Video of the first successful reuse of a rocket Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin have succeeded for the first time in reusing a recyclable rocket. Two months after its first flight, the … Read more

Bezos shares his sub-orbital flight experience … and causes controversy [KOMENTARZ]

Tuesday’s flight was the official debut of the Blue Origin (New Shepard) carrier system and the beginning of the company’s commercial activity in the space tourism segment. The first paying passenger was Oliver Daemen, whose father – a Dutch investor and entrepreneur – funded the ticket, offering the second-highest bid in a recent seat auction … Read more

Amazon founder successfully flies into space with his Blue Origin rocket

New York “Three, two, one and lift off.” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos successfully launched into space on Tuesday. The New Shepard launcher from his company Blue Origin left the launch pad with a slight delay at 3:12 p.m. German time and catapulted Bezos and his three colleagues into space. “Oh, wow, wow, wow”, Bezos cheered … Read more

Change in the roster of Blue Origin’s manned debut. Double age record of participants?

Among the passengers, scheduled for July 20 this year. manned flight of the New Shepard suborbital system – incl. alongside billionaire Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark, there will likely be an 18-year-old physics student, the son of Oliver Daemen, owner of Dutch investment firm. The name of this new participant in Blue Origin’s anticipated … Read more

Blue Origin succeeds in another missile test | Currently America | DW

“Take off and landing perfect,” tweeted Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos after the third successful test. The New Shepard rocket not only successfully took off but also landed upright on the test site in Texas without any problems. The team’s space capsule, unmanned during the test, also landed unscathed with the help of parachutes, said … Read more

Into space with Jeff Bezos’ space company – for $ 300,000

Düsseldorf For Jeff Bezos, they are the beginning of a new era: tourist flights into space. With his rocket company Blue Origin, the Amazon founder wants to usher in this new era in the coming year. Because the company, which is based near Seattle, plans to test the first humans into space soon. To experience … Read more

An 82-year-old man on a New Shepard system manned debut

Wally Funk is currently qualified to the group of four passengers of the planned demonstration flight of the New Shepard suborbital system by Blue Origin – along with Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark and the winner of the June auction, who bought a ticket for the first suborbital tourist flight on the New Shepard rocket … Read more