NBA transfer market: Cam Reddish leaves the Atlanta Hawks and joins the New York Knicks

Cam Reddish, one of the most talked-about young talents of this NBA regular season – more and more promising coming off the bench in Atlanta, where however the space on the parquet was reduced and not guaranteed with continuity – leaves Georgia and joins the Knicks, in a trade in which the New York team … Read more

NBA, Donovan Mitchell away from the Utah Jazz? ‘Market size matters’

Even if we don’t talk about it much, this season there is a lot of pressure on the Utah Jazz. The bitter conclusion of last season, being eliminated in the second round by the LA Clippers without Kawhi Leonard, put the entire 2021-22 year in a new light, with coach Quin Snyder’s job in the … Read more

NBA, New York Knicks, Kemba Walker returns to the field in Boston (29 points): ‘I want to play’

With several players stopped by COVID (including most of the guards, from Quickley and Grimes, via McBride) and Derrick Rose still in the pits due to an ankle injury, coach Thibodeau was forced to retrace his steps and to bring Kemba Walker back to the team – launched as a quintet in a particular match … Read more

NBA transfer market, Los Angeles Lakers: Isaiah Thomas returns to the league, 10 day contract

We had been talking about him for weeks now, knowing that more and more NBA teams had turned their attention to him and on the opportunity to strengthen one’s roster with the performance of a talent who – less than five years ago – enchanted with the Celtics shirt, despite physical and defensive limitations. The … Read more

NBA market, Damian Lillard: the renewal request that puts Portland in crisis

The bond between Lillard and the Blazers was indissoluble until a few months ago, so much so that it led the Portland All-Star to sign a renewal until the 2024-25 season for over 176 million dollars in total. A figure more than deserved by a player who has become the symbol of the Oregon franchise … Read more

NBA market, the Pacers start from scratch: Domantas Sabonis (and not only) for sale

After a 10-16 regular-season start with a taste of mediocrity (huge problem if you’re an NBA team), i Pacers – according to what The Athletic told in the past few hours – they plan to put into practice a consistent rebuilding, putting several valuable pieces of the roster on the market. The most talked about … Read more

NBA transfer market, Westbrook to the Lakers for Kuzma, Caldwell-Pope, Harrell and the 22nd choice 2021

The rumors of the last few days have found confirmation: Russell Westbrook will be the third star of the yellow and purple alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Reached an agreement with Washington to which Kuzma, Caldwell-Pope, Harrell and the 22nd choice 2021 go. To the Lakers also two future second choices (2024 and 2028) … Read more