Dwayne Johnson’s 7 Best Movies, Ranked

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‘The Exorcist’: Jamie Lee Curtis wants to play the devil in the new installments

After facing Michael Myers six times, the last in ‘Halloween Kills’, it is clear that nothing scares Jamie Lee Curtis in front of the cameras and in fact the actress believes that the time has come to change sides. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis expressed his desire to participate in the new ‘The … Read more

‘Princess Swap 3’, ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’ and other movies and series where you can also see Vanessa Hudgens

This year, Vanessa Hudgens has been very active, as we can see her in ‘Princess Swap 3’ and ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’. However, now we will review other good productions in which the actress has appeared. Over 10 years ago we met Vanessa Hudgens as a musical film star with High School Musical, where she … Read more

Deborah Kerr, the free Hollywood star in five movies | Culture

“The blue of Deborah Kerr’s eyes is the same as that of Madrid’s Gran Vía in the fifties when it got dark and the facades of the cinemas lit up,” writes José Luis Garci in the book Deborah, recently edited by Notorius: the full interview that the Spanish director made with the Hollywood star in … Read more

Adapting Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne: The 1995 Drama Proves Kathy Bates Isn’t In Enough King Movies

By 1995, Castle Rock Entertainment established a niche market in the world of big screen Stephen King adaptations, a circumstance that fit like a glove given that the company’s name was technically taken from small Maine town that King invented as the setting of books and stories including The Dead Zone and Cujo. Rob Reiner, … Read more

‘Don’t look up’: Jennifer Lawrence understands having charged less than Leonardo DiCaprio

The thing about the wage inequality in Holywood between men and women is scandalous, although it seems frivolous to talk about it taking into account the amounts that are handled. In 2020, the highest-paid actor of the year, Dwayne Johnson, earned $ 87.5 million, while the highest-paid actress, Sofia Vergara, only made $ 43 million. … Read more

‘Uncharted’: Tom Holland trained very hard to match Mark Wahlberg’s fitness

In February 2022, ‘Uncharted’, the film adaptation of PlayStation video games, will finally hit theaters. This occurs after being delayed a great number of times. The cause of one of them was confinement due to the pandemic. Its protagonist, Tom Holland, admits that he took advantage of that time to train and get closer to … Read more

Movies to Watch With Taylor Swift’s New Album

Taylor Swift’s latest release, Red (Taylor’s Version), has taken the Internet by storm, smashing Spotify records and reviving decade-old conversations about the singer’s love life. The re-recording of her Grammy-nominated 2012 album is a whopping 30 tracks of genre-bending tunes with subject matter ranging from love at first sight to the devastation of heartbreak. If … Read more

Logan Lerman would be willing to be Poseidon in the ‘Percy Jackson’ series

Logan Lerman, actor who played Percy Jackson in the film adaptation of this famous literary saga written by Rick Riordan, I would be delighted to re-embody any of the characters in this universe, including Poseidon. Lerman has responded to this possibility that it spread on the networks after the announcement of the new Disney + … Read more

HBO MAX: Clint Eastwood Movies That Can Be Seen On HBO Max Before Cry Macho

Who HBO Max has a wide repertoire of Clint Eastwood films. Some work for the youngest to understand Cry Macho. By Elijah Leonardo Salazar 19/09/2021 – 22:45hs UTC 19/09/2021 – 22:45hs UTC Clint Eastwood in ‘The Unforgivables’, considered a masterpiece. (Photo: IMDB) By Elijah Leonardo Salazar Just as our parents and grandparents did to us, … Read more