Will Michael Fassbender be Nemesis in the film adaptation?

Michael Fassbender, the renowned actor for roles as Magneto, could play Nemesis in the film adaptation. Find out why! Michael Fassbender could be the actor chosen to interpret the next adaptation of a comic to the cinema: Nemesis. The creator of this supervillain, Mark Millar, declared in the Comic Book medium, that the film is … Read more

Hollywood’s Mark Wahlberg on Goat Debate: “Michael Jordan Is by Far the Greatest of All Time. But Lebron James Still Has a Chance”

NBA fans and analysts often admire Michael Jordan as one of the greatest players of all time. Jordan spent 15 seasons in the NBA and achieved enormous success with the Chicago Bulls. He heralded a new era of the NBA’s worldwide marketability. The media often compares Jordan to other NBA stars like LeBron James, Kobe … Read more

Thus has Michael Douglas’ Morgan ‘died and risen’

Updated 01/05/2021 – 07:26 Lor usual, when someone receives a call from a Hollywood production company to buy the car, is that he will never see his beloved car ‘alive’ again. Watching it on the big screen, but it’s also easy to get their destruction immortalized with a spectacular crash, falling off a cliff or … Read more

Michael Caine reveals that he has given up alcohol for his grandchildren: “I have decided to live a little longer” | People

British actor Michael Caine turned 88 years old last March and at that age he has given a statement to the British magazine Candis in which it has affirmed: “I have decided to live a little longer, I have reduced my alcohol consumption and I have a new perspective on life. I thought I was … Read more

The chemistry between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner remains intact

During the 80s, Michael Douglas y Kathleen Turner they formed one of the most attractive couples in cinema, coinciding in up to three films throughout the decade (After the green heart, The jewel of the Nile and The war of the Rose). Their romance in the cinema was about to cross the screen, but theirs … Read more

Hugh Jackman RETURNING in Doctor Strange 2 CONFIRMED, Michael Fassbender Also Rumored to Return

Introduction Doctor Strange is a movie based on the marvel comics character Doctor strange and is a superhero movie that is produced under the banner of the Marvel cinematic universe. The director of the film is Scott Derrickson and revolves around Doctor Strange or Doctor Stephen Strange who is a rich neurosurgeon. The arrogant and … Read more

Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Safari Suit’ Is Perfect For Australian Summer

If you’re Australian, and have been wearing the same summer chinos and shirts for the last five years, why not hunt yourself down a safari suit? Confused? Allow us to un-cock our rifles for just a second. With fashion, it can only take one person or one magazine feature, to set a trend for the … Read more