“La Maman et la putain” or the slow resurrection of a masterpiece

Françoise Lebrun in “La Maman et la putain” (1973), by Jean Eustache. BERNARD PRIM/THE LOZENGE FILMS On January 19, a small cinephilic earthquake took place, when the producer and distributor Charles Gillibert, who had just acquired the legendary company Les Films du losange (Barbet Schroeder, Eric Rohmer, etc.), announced the restoration and concession of the … Read more

at the Maison de Balzac, the artists put to the test of the “Unknown Masterpiece”

Untitled (1990), by Bernard Dufour, oil paint on canvas. COLLECTION PHILIPPE DUFOUR/ADAGP, PARIS, 2021/PHOTO PARIS MUSEUMS/MAISON DE BALZAC The Unknown Masterpiece is a short story by Honoré de Balzac, the first publication of which dates from 1831 and the final version from 1847. The protagonists are three painters: the imaginary Frenhofer, the real Pourbus (Frans … Read more

Hamilton imposes his strength, but Alonso makes a masterpiece. Ferrari fogged up

These are the report cards of the Qatar Grand Prix, the third to last race of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship. Lewis Hamilton stands out with merit on the Losail circuit. Behind the 7-time World Champion, an excellent Max Verstappen (now at +8 in the Drivers’ classification over his English rival) on Red Bull … Read more

Finally discover “Margaret”, Kenneth Lonergan’s hidden masterpiece on Disney +

Sarah Steele, Anna Paquin & Matthew Broderick, dans « Margaret » de Kenneth Lonergan. FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES DISNEY + – FRIDAY 8 OCTOBER – FILM Even if a film arrives late, you might as well do it opportunely: Margaret, Kenneth Lonergan’s second feature film (after You Can Count on Me, before Manchester by The Sea), … Read more

The exhibition of the Morozov collection in France, a masterpiece of diplomacy

Portrait of the collector Ivan Abramovich Morozov, in 1910, by Valentin Serov. COURTESY GALERIE NATIONALE TRETIAKOV, MOSCOW You liked Shchoukine, you will love Morozov. Five years after the blockbuster exhibition of the collection of the first (more than 1.2 million visitors to the “Icons of modern art” counter), the Louis Vuitton Foundation dreams of a … Read more

El Shaarawy, masterpiece goal. Rui Patricio is there. Mou runs into the south curve

Roma-Sassuolo 2-1 at the Olimpico. The report cards of the match. REPORT CARDS ROME Rui Patricio 7.5: Call Rui Prodigio towel. The duel with Berardi exalts the Sunday evening of neutral spectators. First commitment after twelve minutes when he stops a shot of the blue in the center. The same one who punched him in … Read more

Early reviews of Dune describe it as “a science fiction masterpiece”

The first reviews of Dune come from the Venice Film Festival, where the new by Denis Villeneuve was premiered. Although it might seem that a movie like Dune doesn’t quite fit in with the schedule you might expect to see at a festival like Venice, lDenis Villenueve’s new film is one of the film events … Read more

Music masterpiece ‘Clair de Lune’ beamed to space station in NFT 1st

The commercialization of the final frontier continues apace. Last week, the companies Nanoracks LLC and Artemis Music Entertainment teamed up to beam a recording of composer Claude Debussy’s piano masterpiece “Clair de Lune” (“Moonlight”) to and from the International Space Station. Music has been sent to, and made on, the orbiting lab before. But the two … Read more

Europeans, Mancini’s masterpiece: he made us fall in love with the blue jersey again

It was not easy to return enthusiasm after the debacle of the 2018 World Cups missed. Il Mancio succeeded. In addition to the victories, it was the spirit of this group that united the Italians and recreated the magical nights It was November 13, 2017, at San Siro Sweden pinned us 0-0. Goodbye magical nights, … Read more