Israel, American NASA Set To Collaborate On Space Exploration; Special Focus On Moon And Mars

The Israeli government and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are preparing to sign the “Artemis Accords” on the joint study of space, in particular the Moon and Mars, as well as asteroids and comets. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Jewish state, Yair Lapid. Today, I brought … Read more

It will be a bumper year for big space launches to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids

It will be a bumper year for big space launches to the Moon, Mars, and asteroids, including many staffed flights, but the real shocker is the number of satellites and spaceships being launched by private companies. Never mind Elon Musk’s twelve-thousand-small-satellite Starlink program, which is already becoming a traffic hazard after only 1,892 satellites have … Read more

NASA’s InSight Mars lander hunkering down in Red Planet dust storm

One of NASA’s Mars robots is in safe mode to save power while a dust storm blocks its solar panels from charging. The InSight lander, which is designed to study the interior of Mars, is stable in its safe mode, which the spacecraft initiated on Jan. 7, the agency said in a mission status update … Read more

Review: Rover Mechanic Simulator is Good for Mars Engineering Enthusiasts and No One Else

Screenshot: Rover Mechanic Simulator Simulator games are infamous for having titles that make you think “That’s a game?” For every high-budget Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are dozens of Electrician Simulator, Chinese Driving Test Simulator, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 and Ship Graveyard Simulators. We called Bus Driver Simulator “just another trash sim game” so, yeah, you … Read more

A Crashed Spaceship On Mars? NASA Rover Photo Reveals Fascinating Rocks

Perseverance has seen many strange rock formations on Mars. In its latest photo, the rover reveals something that looks just like a crashed ship. NASA’s Perseverance rover recently beamed back a whole bunch of pictures from Mars, and among them, the rover revealed an eye-catching rock formation that looks eerily similar to a crashed spaceship. … Read more

It Looks Like Perseverance Just Found A Mars ‘Rainbow’ On The Red Planet

Perseverance has come across a lot of strange things on Mars. In this latest photo, did it really spot a large rainbow on the Red Planet? NASA’s Perseverance rover has captured many gorgeous sights since arriving on Mars nearly a year ago, and in its latest photo from the Red Planet, Perseverance sets its sights on … Read more

Billionaire space race blazes new paths in commercial spaceflight … next stop, Mars

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin reached space in 2021, and SpaceX sent an all-civilian crew on an orbital journey around the planet. 2021 witnessed milestones in space travel, with three billionaires bolting into space and kickstarting a commercial space race. The billionaires involved include Jeff Bezos, who is behind Blue Origin, Richard Branson, who heads … Read more

Can MARS help astronauts orient in space?

Can MARS help astronauts orient in space? With a grant from NASA, researcher Vivekanand Pandey Vimal, GSAS PhD ’17, is exploring how to train people to trust technology in space. Photo/Mike Lovett Vivekanand Pandey Vimal PhD ’17 demonstrates the Multi-Axis Rotation System (MARS) chair, which he is using to study whether subjects can be trained … Read more