HoYeon Jung in Squid Game to Zendaya in Malcolm & Marie; THESE are the Best Female Performances of the Year

Hollywood actresses have proved time and again that nobody can match them when it comes to acting abilities and owning the characters on-screen. From dramatic to comic, these actresses have proved that the raw power of acting can win the audience in any situation. Especially due to the pandemic, as the film industry had to … Read more

Filmmaker Marie Dumora and her wonderful Yenish family

Marie Dumora, in February 2017, in Paris. MINA ANGELA IGHNATOVA Why, for twenty years, has Marie Dumora filmed in the East, in this region of Colmar which is to her documentaries what the county of Yoknapatawpha is to Faulkner’s novels? Why does she follow this great, brutal and wonderful Yenish family to which she binds … Read more

In Aubervilliers, the life before of Di Meo, Marie, Soukouna and Croisille in an HLM

Liliane Di Meo, in her reconstituted teenage room, on November 4, 2021, in Aubervilliers. His family lived from 1957 to 1973 in the city of Emile-Dubois. LOUISA BEN FOR M THE WORLD MAGAZINE Pushing the door of the Croisille family apartment, in the Emile-Dubois estate, in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), Asma Kifia whispers and pretends to be … Read more

“Today I decided that I don’t want to live anymore” – Marie Claire Magazine

+ Mafoane Odara (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) The title phrase was the one Jully posted on Facebook 4 years ago. This led a former co-worker to drive around the city, from Copacabana to the Caju neighborhood, knocking on her door and saying: “I’m here to give you a hug”. She ended up staying and cooked a mushroom … Read more

the new presenter Marie Portolano does not convince Internet users

The best pastry chef made its comeback on M6 this Thursday, October 7, 2021. For its tenth anniversary, the gourmet show has reserved a few surprises for viewers from the first episode. Starting with a new host, Marie Portolano. But faced with the performance of the latter, the tweeters did not have the heart to … Read more

Shantal talks about bed rest during pregnancy: “I lost contracts” – Marie Claire Magazine

+ Shantal Verdelho (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram) After going into preterm labor, Shantal talked with followers about the experience of spending much of the pregnancy on bed rest. “It’s already been two and a half months and, if everything works out, there’s still a month for the baby to be born. I wanted to say … Read more

In Avignon, the summit meeting between Nicole Garcia and Marie NDiaye

Nicole Garcia in “Royan, the French teacher”, by Marie NDiaye, directed by Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, at the Festival d’Avignon 2021. JEAN-LOUIS FERNANDEZ She arrives as if nothing had happened, and straight away she is the teacher. The heavy satchel at the end of the arm, the shoulders drooping after a day spent in class, in other … Read more

Marie Claire | Lady Gaga: 10 years have passed since the album that changed her life and career

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, after a long way to convince about his overwhelming talent and thanks to the blessing of the singer Akon, he had launched The Fame, his first album, in 2008. Topics like “Just Dance” Y “Poker Face” They impacted the whole world, to the point that seven … Read more

Marie Claire | Learn about Sarah Michelle Gellar’s healthy care plan

The pandemic affected us all. Even the celebrities themselves! Actress Sarah Michell Geller or the protagonist of Buffy the cazavampiros She spent her confinement at home cooking, educating her children, spending time with her husband and training. As all. The actress, in addition, became at this time an ambassador of the leading treatment to combat … Read more

From zoom to zen: learn to disconnect working from home – Marie Claire Magazine

+ “What we are living now is not a home office. We are confined at home with work”, defines psychoanalyst Vera Iaconelli. The sentence is the beginning of the answer to the question about how much we are being affected by distance work. And also a warning so that, before measuring the damage, people understand … Read more